VS2 Installed, so far so good. Also a question...

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VS2 was just installed today, I have been using it for about an hour now. Working great so far, downloading and general usage has been a lot better and a lot faster compared to VS1.

I'm on the unlimited Gold 30 plan but I'm actually getting much better speeds than advertised.

Which is about 4.5 - 5 MB/s for download.

Question about the old equipment though. I know I have to send the old modem and a part from the old satellite back. Does anyone know about how long it takes usually for the boxes to ship / arrive and will Viasat send them automatically now that my new service is set up? I would like to have a rough idea so I can be sure to contract someone if I don't see them, don't want to be charged for something that I have no issue with sending back.

Assuming speed doesn't take a nose dive later on, good job to Viasat. Lol.
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  • happy.

Posted 2 years ago

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Awesome! Thanks Billy!

As for the old equipment you will not need to send that back (if you cancelled instead that's a different story). I hope you enjoy the ViaSat-2 setup!
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Well this is weird. I got a box in the mail for the old equipment along with a letter saying basically "We're sorry to see you go", but I never left... I just upgraded to VS2?

To be on the safe side, I'm going to go ahead and mail the box back with the equipment but I hope nobody disconnects my service by mistake. 
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Billy, I suspect that when you signed up for VS2, and a new contract, that closed the VS1 account, the system kicked the return box due to a closed account. It did that to me switching form residential to business and, back again. Even though the same equipment was still in use at my home through it all, I got boxes to return equipment.

Of course I didn't have anything to return and, you got it, the system kicked a bill for non returned equipment both time. Easily refunded but, still, that billing computer over there can be a bit bull headed - you did the right, or at least easiest for the system to understand thing by returning the old equipment.
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What Bev said!
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Huh I could have sworn the Viasat rep on the phone said I would have to send some some stuff back (ie the old modem and TRIA I believe) which the installer left behind. So none of that needs to go back? I can safely discard the old modem and TRIA without being charged?

Maybe I misunderstood the rep and he was talking about if I canceled Viasat 2 early... thanks for the help Brad.

EDIT: An yea I did not cancel, I was out of contract and upgraded directly from VS1 to VS2.
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Personally I would hold onto the equip for 3 months just in case. 

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Yea that was my plan but I jut got a box in the mail requesting the equipment and along with a letter saying basically "We're sorry to see you go" like I decided to leave Viasat... but I only upgraded to VS2.

I'm going to go ahead and send the equipment back but that was kind of weird. I hope nobody disconnects me.