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How is excede internet when using ssl vpn connections? I've heard that some satellite connections don't deal well with VPNs, how true is this?
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Posted 3 years ago

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VPN will work just fine with satellite. It's just bits and bytes going up and down. Doesn't matter that they're encrypted.

VPN will suck up bandwidth faster than you can imagine. When VPN connects there's a constant communication with the host whether you're using the connection or not. The client and the host are constantly communicating. One asks if the other is still connected and the other answers back. It's a security thing. If the host and client lose the connection then one or both could have an open port ready to communicate. That's bad.

That's a little overly simplified, but you get the idea. VPN will work but I don't think you can afford the bandwidth.
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Hi jrfoltz,  VPNs may or may not work with Exede Internet. Some VNPs may not work at all. Other “SSL”-based VPNs may work just fine. Please review this link; http://help.exede.net/articles/General/Using-a-Virtual-Private-Network-VPN-with-Exede.  We suggest you take your VPN- equipped laptop to a local dealer to test it. There is a link to local dealers in the link.  Thanks for the question.
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My experience was that VPN to work was extremely slow. Part of that was the network environment at my work which required you to go through a couple of servers to get to wherever you needed to be but no I would not recommend satellite service (any satellite service not just Exede) if you are planning on VPNing to your corporate accounts. I used it for a few months and for anything other than ssl command line connections to unix servers it was very painful.
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Thanks, all, the information has been helpful. I think I'll stick with the prospects of slow DSL. I'm also looking into using cellular with a booster. I'm currently using an SSL VPN, but I'm in consulting so I may have to support different requirements in the future. I regularly remote into Windows servers which is much more robust than SSH terminal connections.
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I've used VPN services with Exede before and never had any issues. I didn't even notice any major impact on my speeds. But for what you'd like to do, it sounds like satellite latency is going to be the biggest problem. SSH, VNC, and RDP are so slow as to be basically unusable. Mosh makes terminal remoting a little better by using UDP instead of TCP, but it's still a frustrating experience. Sadly, that's just the nature of satellite communication, so there isn't much Exede can do about it.
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I use VPN, Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility, with no real performance issues.  I have used VPN with Exede for over 3 yrs.
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I understand Exede is piloting some changes to aid VPN and encrypted internet connection. I run a brokerage / banking business from a home office. How could I get on the list to be part of piloting some of these new connection protocols? Wm Duffell, Franklin, NC
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I haven't heard anything about this, but once we do, I'm sure there will be an announcement on this forum!
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William, I'm sure a Viasat/Exede employee will chime in here soon but, I would email exedelistens@viasat.com about this. Include your account and contact information with your question. That email goes to corporate directly and, Alex, Matt, Diana or one of the other people there can answer your questions and, provide relevant information better via email.
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VPN is pretty hit or miss because of the latency.  It works fine for me, but I don't do any remote desktop stuff.  My companies VPN client runs silently in the background and it works just as good as it did when I had DSL.

If you are going to be using a remote desktop program, its really going to crawl with any satellite connection. 

My advice would be to contact Exede, and see if there is a local dealer that will let you try your company laptop on their Exede connection.  That way you know if it is going to work or not, before you switch to Exede.