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Need help please. I'm fixing to sign up for internet service and need to ask as question.  Need information concerning "VPN".  My wife works from home evry now and then and has to have this option.  The subject I spoke to on the phone told me that if it was dealing with "Cisco" VPN, there shouldn't be a problem...Help please.
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Posted 5 years ago

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Ricky hang on a bit one of the Champions may be familiar with that, not sure where the mods are. You need to be sure this works for you before you sign up.
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I VPN from home from time to time.

The VPN works well and I've not had problems connecting. The bigger problem is that whenever the VPN is connected it is communicating with the VPN host to ensure that the connection is connected.

It's a constant stream of "Are you there?" Yes, I'm here."

To stay within my data cap, I connect the VPN only when I need to and only long enough to accomplish what I need to accomplish and then disconnect. I cannot leave the connection open because it sucks up my bandwidth.

If your wife needs to stay connected for an entire work day I think satellite isn't a good choice.
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I utilize VPN on a daily basis for work with no problems encountered.

Although a bit sluggish at times, that's due to the nature of VPN and the fact that it bypasses Exede's Accelenet client/server technology - that latter technology is used to overcome some of the limitations of satellite internet latency and chatty protocols.

As Brian suggests above, data usage tends to be greater due to everything being encrypted and when  VPN is active all traffic is routed via the VPN connection. Even without VPN, data usage is an issue on any severely limited data plan and you have to work at conserving that data. VPN makes it even more important to conserve that data.

Once again and as Brian suggests, disconnecting the VPN connection when not needed is a good strategy to conserve data if the nature of the work is such that that is possible. That and it speeds up any non-work related internet access.

In addition, you probably want to know what flavors of WAN-NAT passthrough are required by her employer and ensure your router supports those and they are enabled (typically these are PPTP, L2TP, or IPSEC although others are possible). All very technical sounding acronyms but her employer's techies should be able to provide some guidance there.

FWIW, some have even suggested that using VPN skirts some of the issues encountered when dapped - although it clearly doesn't do anything to overcome throttled speeds when dapped. However, I'm not inclined to test that theory myself although I keep meaning to at the end of the month when I shut down prior to my monthly reset.
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Ricky, VPNs may work, but are not guaranteed. It all depends on the VPN's tolerance for latency. VPNs will often drop a connection if the latency is too high, and our latency runs between 600ms-1100ms. I would encourage your wife to talk to the IT team at her work and find out if a latency of that level will be within acceptable levels.

If you have any further questions, please let us know.

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