Video: First data sent to and from ViaSat-2 satellite

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ViaSat-2 has reached geostationary orbit, putting us one step closer to service. Our engineers have also successfully sent and received the first bits of data to the satellite.

You can watch this major milestone unfold in the video below. We're getting closer and closer, folks!

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Matt F, Viasat Official Rep

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Posted 2 years ago

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Bev, Champion

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Cool, it's alive up there. Now test, test test, get that bird ready for all of us :)
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how do we know if we're on VISAT 2?
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Stephen Rice, Champion

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You already know.
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Brad, Viasat Employee

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ViaSat-2 won't be taking on customers until early in the new year
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So, like, it'll be ready later today? ;)
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I'm still researching.  I'm not so concerned about being on the new satellite, just so long as I can get good service with plenty of data (high speed isn't even a real concern, so long as I can stream HD).  There aren't any great plans in my area currently though.  I won't settle for unlimited Silver (480p video).
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I predict that Viasat is going to determine who gets upgraded for free and who doesn't.  They will probably look at the numbers and then determine how many people need to be moved from each beam to Viasat 2 to fix the issues.  

Once things are balanced out, it won't matter what satellite you are pointed at.  Its all about traffic management.
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Here's how it all plays out..

Big "contact" customers go to VS-2 first, they want the power and they pay dearly for it, and they use tons of it.  That's the military, U.S. Government agencies, Universities, airlines, etc.
This unloads a ton of load real quick and us mere bottom-feeding subscribers see an amazing speed increase and think, wow, VS-2 is already having it's effect.. cool.

New is new, and Viasat needs money, quickly.  New subscribers will get the install tech's attention on a prioritized basis.  This gives a new influx of money and the rest of us are already paying so I guess new customers actually do deserve to go ahead of the rest of us.  I don't expect a flood of new subscribers at first, so if you're going to move over to VS-2, do it ASAP while advertisements are starting up to get those new customers coming in.

Me...  I'm probably screwed.  I live in a wide canyon next to a creek with decently high mountains in the way of VS-2.  I can beam it down from the higher places here but I'm not so sure a tech will do a remote, relay-down install.  It is said "everyone's got their price" but the installer that put these 2 systems in here was quite an honest man so I'm not sure he'll take a bribe of any size if a remote install is not allowed.
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So, would you say that the speeds and amount of data would be the same for VS1and VS2, package wise, and they will just move folks around if needed?
I'm thinking if V2 is that much faster, then eventually everyone will want to migrate over and we could be back to the same situation. I've read VS2 will be ready soemtime towards the end of February.
But basically if the plans will be the same, I can jump on board now. According to the home page, I can get plans all the way to unlimited.
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You can.  But not all areas have the same plans today.  Expect better plans in a lot of areas when Viasat-2 comes online, and perhaps even better plans than the top GOLD plan today.