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With the launch of our new, highly-anticipated ViaSat-2 satellite, Viasat is launching the latest, most advanced generation of satellite internet service plans, which will be available nationwide. 

What does this mean for you, the Viasat customer?

For one, it means that Viasat is going to have more bandwidth across our network. More bandwidth means a more enjoyable internet experience for each of our users. By shifting data loads and efficiently managing traffic across our network, we will be able to maximize the capacity of our satellite fleet, allowing for an amplified internet experience for our customers. We've invested in our network and technology to connect you faster and better today, while accommodating what you'll need tomorrow.

It also means unlimited data service plans are now going to be available nationwide -- and for the first time ever, for many Viasat customers. We're very excited to offer this choice, as this next generation of unlimited data service plans will allow for our fastest speeds ever. Speeds for these plans are up to 30 Mbps in most locations, with some places seeing speeds up to 50 Mbps. There are several tiers of unlimited data plans - Bronze 12, Silver 12 & 25, and Gold 12, 30 & 50. On the Unlimited Bronze, Silver, and Gold service plans, after 40, 60, or 100 GBs of data usage, respectively, we may prioritize your data behind other customers during network congestion.  

Interested in a new service plan? Check out your account, and see what's available! If you do not see the new unlimited data plans available in your area yet, be sure to check back soon.
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Posted 2 years ago

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Lizzie, Thank you - but this is not clear - at least not to me.

Do the unlimited plans which I see available for my zip (and have seen for the last few days) represent what will now be available, due to VS-2? Or are there more options to follow, which are VS-2 options? Several Viasat reps in this forum have stated that VS-2 plans are not available yet, that the plans we are seeing are VS-1 plans. As you may know, many of us are unimpressed with the new plans, given the expectations which had been set for VS-2, not to mention the scaled-back usage caps and speeds - as well as the constraints placed (across-the-board) on streaming.

Your post seems to imply that the unlimited options we see in many areas are in fact the new plans. Perhaps I am simply mis-interpreting. Can you please clear up the confusion? Thanks. 
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Do you have this?

June 21, 2017 - Texting tool gives Viasat residential customers more control

"The service lets customers perform automated service diagnostics, change their installation date, reboot the modem, check data usage, learn about outages, pay their bill and even disable or enable the new Video Data Extender. Viasat can also text those customers real-time usage notifications when they reach 70 and 100 percent of their allowed data, and when their dish is misaligned
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I don't know what any of that has do with my Internet never getting fixed.& but Viasat took the payments 3 of there is no way to justify taking payments when I had no service. No one ever called, text emailed or contacted me to tell they had no one to come out here to fix it I was told when this first happen that someone had to come here no one ever looked into the why my service suddenly quit I was also told I could get a refund for the time without service no attempt in anyway do a thing. Almost 3 months & a few lost customers I had find another provider since the last time I called &then told they had no one to fix it even though I was loosing few customers & some of my income I still waited all that time for Viasat to do there job they sure jumped to get money. Then the early termination.. My service was early terminated by Viasat with night one to do anything about this am I expected to sit here twiddling my thumbs loosing money everyday while still paying for service until June? They did credit my account $ basically they paid themselves &still took payment. Now please read what I wrote before & now put yourself in my shoes take few minutes to think what would do not going to get service back but keep paying if you don't "you will be charge for it anyway and sent to collections with bad marks on your credit" I don't like threats when I didn't do anything wrong. Think what would you do? .
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Lisa, have you sent an email to  That will get you in touch with Corporate people and they will trouble shoot your issue.  Tell them what issues you are having and your contact info, phone, account, etc. 
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Lisa please email us at we'll help you out
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RE: Lisa - "I don't know what any of that has do with my Internet never getting fixed"

In previous post of yours, "No one has ever come to fix it or call to tell me they have no one to come out here to fix it "

This tool mentioned, June 21, 2017 - Texting tool gives Viasat residential customers more control, performs automated service diagnostics, and informs when dish is misaligned.