Viasat Vs. Hughesnet: My Experience

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So I just took the leap and signed up for Viasat after 2 years with Hughesnet. The last thing I wanted to do was sign another 2-year satellite internet contract but I still can't get other service and I tested out a neighbor's Viasat service and was impressed. Long story short, I'm happy with my new service so far.

Hughesnet was horrible. They lied to me about throttled speeds on the Gen5 sales call. Told me it would be up to 3 Mbps. Wrong. It never exceeded 1.4 Mbps and browsing during peak congestion (5pm - 12am) was like dialup or worse due to the ping and jitter lagging (whether throttled or full speed). I was throttled during the day, when I do most of my work from home and there is no congestion. Customer service refused to acknowledge that degradation of service was due to congestion and always required ridiculous procedures of testing speeds on a 3rd party platform and connected via ethernet. If you were throttled, forget getting help with your service's performance. Blaming my equipment when hundreds of customers complain about the exact same issues. Besides, downloading files was never the issue. It was website load times, constant delays with net handshakes, etc. 

Rant over. Viasat is consistently delivering more than the bandwidth allocated by my plan (Bronze is supposed to be 12Mbps, but usually tests around 17Mbps). Even during peak usage hours, it is delivering 10+Mbps. Streaming works better (although initial picture quality is lower than HN was but it soon clears up into good watchable quality). Websites load faster. Everything works like it seems it should and so far, the wifi router hasn't had any weird issues like the HN one did (random resets, loss of connection, DNS errors, web acceleration errors).

I'm paying $15/mo more than I was with Hughesnet but it is worth having usable internet all the time. Thanks Viasat. And to those who have complaints about Viasat-2 service: If your internet is working like mine, you don't know how good you have it until you've spent 2 years with Hughesnet! @GabeU and any other Hughesnet ppl on this forum, try out your competition and maybe you will stop evangelizing an inferior service and belittling upset HN customers over on that forum. Your awesome speed test results with HN are not the norm and I genuinely wonder if as evangelists, your traffic is prioritized like mine seemed to be anytime I complained enough.
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Posted 5 months ago

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Hello Ian,  It is refreshing and great to get a positive review of how Viasat-2 service is working for our customers.  Thank you so much for sharing your experience!  Diana
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Ian i have the same plan you have and it has been great i have been on it for about 1 month now i was with HN also they was no good i have been a Exede VIASAT Customer since 2008 i think and i have like this services all the time and since i got on VIASAT 2 now it is even better.
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Hello Diana
I wish we could get on the new satellite Viasat 2 in Mississippi all we knew for is poor service
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When will the beam open in NC again?
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I don't belittle customers.  I refute nonsense.  Big difference.  I do, however, react to rants, raves and false accusations. 

If a customer needs help, or asks for help, I give it to the best of my ability, and reps pick up when and where I can't or don't have that ability.     

I have no reason to try the competition when my service works just fine for me.  
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Now for the serious stuff.  Pineapple should NEVER be anywhere near a pizza.  Ever.
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Eh.  It's not that bad when the pizza has a sweeter type of sauce and when it has ham on it, as well.  And I would take pineapple on my pizza any day before BBQ sauce.  Now THAT'S a travesty!  But, to each his/her own.  People put just about anything you can think of on pizza these days, and the major chains often acquiesce to the more popular, but non-traditional, toppings.
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I get the crust smothered with garlic stuff to compliment the BBQ sauce and pineapple.

I just wish Pizza hut had an oregano topping to put on the pineapple. Domino's does but I like pizza hut better.
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I really liked Pizza Hut for a while.  When I lived in Hagerstown, MD I had one right down the street, and it was right around the time they they had come out with their "bigger, fresher toppings" campaign (late 90s to early 00s).  It was good.  But after a few years they went back to the same ole, same ole, and I lost interest.  The nearest Pizza Hut to me now is 20 miles away.