Viasat no longer accepting new customers in my area

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When viasat 2 comes online I hope the lesson has been learned. STOP OVERSELLING BANDWIDTH! I appreciate no new customers coming on my beam but corporations care more for shareholders then customers, I get that. Keep in mind if you provide a lower level of service your putting off the inevitable. Keep the speeds high. Don't screw up again!
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  • unsure of the future

Posted 2 years ago

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This is what started the downfall of  Exede/Viasat 3 years ago.  My service was AWESOME 4/5 years ago until the sales drive for V2 began.  It was a risky business move that blew up in their faces when V2 failed to launch over and over FOR 3 YEARS!  Things happen.  It was not their fault, but its certainly not ours!  Regardless, as the "provider" owner, and ultimate decision maker the responsibility falls ON THEM! 

After all this, it was a flat out STUPID move to begin another sales drive now and offer "unlimited" when V2 is STILL NOT IN SERVICE!  I see complaint after complaint about disgustingly slow speeds with "unlimited" due to its use on already overcrowded beams.  This is not a good formula for a strong and satisfied customer base.  No amount of 2 year contracts will lock in enough "suckers" to account for every one of them telling everyone they can that Viasat service sucks, DONT BUY IT!

The technology is awesome and will be revolutionary ... if and when it is FULLY FUNCTIONAL!  You can sell promises and dreams to your investors, but we paying customers want, expect, and DEMAND the service we are paying for!  Viasats practice of hiding behind deception, one sided contracts, and legal disclaimers is appalling.  They have done little, if anything to keep customers informed of this "problem" and they have done NOTHING TO COMPENSATE US for their lack of ability to provide the quality of service they sold us.

Revolutionary new satellites dont pay the bills ... CUSTOMERS DO!  I cant stand Hughesnet, and I am no longer under contract with Exede.   If a new competitor THAT CAN DELIVER comparable service at comparable or lower pricing came out tomorrow, I would probably kiss Exede goodbye!  I am truly sick and tired of paying what I am to hear  "hang on, things will get better" .... EVENTUALLY!
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Assuming their prices don't go way up.  Paying $80 to $150/mo is egregious. 
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You are spot on with your assessment -- overselling / under delivering
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So you hate Viasat and can't stand Hughesnet.  So it seems you are the problem.
(Let the arrows fly!, I have my big boy pants on.)
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Yes, just like we don't like Hillary or Trump, so we are the problem.  Makes tons of sense. 
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I am the problem?  WHY?  Because as a consumer I want what I pay for?  Go to your local Ford dealer,  I WILL EVEN DRIVE YOU!  You pay for a brand new 2018 Mustang GT and drive away in your "new" 99 Taurus.  Its a car.  It gets you from A to B.  IS IT WHAT YOU PAID FOR??  I dont hate Exede or Viasat, but I do hate that I am paying a premium price for "high speed internet" that is  anything but high speed ... when it is usable at all.  I am paying for a service, not the promise of potential service sometime in the future.
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Concentric Circles, you are paying for the amount of priority data for the plan you chose, with speeds "up to" 5 Mbps.
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1986 was the last year Ford built trucks like trucks.  1987 was the beginning of the carification of Ford trucks.  You can't even buy a Ford truck with a manual transmission anymore.  And before someone corrects me, a Ford Ranger doesn't count as a truck.
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the one thing i will give it to excede/viasat is 15 months a month penalty for remaining contract is not a terrible divorce settlement
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I suppose they could offer free cancellation if they offered a fee of $350 for standard installation :).

Some people would go for that! Free cancellation insurance.
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I miss trucks with manual. I prefer manual vehicles