Viasat is probably the current winner of the most duplicitous company in a year of duplicity

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Viasat is probably the current winner of the most duplicitous company in a year of duplicity as the norm. They finally admitted to me that the "extremely slow speeds" I was experiencing was because I had not chosen to change plans when they wanted to drop my Freedom Plan (150 @ 25 Mbps). In the words of the company representative, "Yes, the plan is one of the oldest on the network, therefore it lost priority on the network." And what can I do about this? " can change the plan or the last option would be to disconnect if your're not content with the service". Would love to exercise this last option, but being in a rural area......... I have given Viasat credit for being a rural provider, but some level of honesty should still apply.
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Posted 7 months ago

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Where have you been? We all had this discussion a few months ago on here. No doubt Viasat wanted people off the 150GB plans. What else Viasat wont tell you is some dealers complained so loudly based on customer feedback they reverted some on 150GB plans to back the way they were.

So they gave me the same option. I told them to get lost. I moved to wireless but you should also look at Hughesnet. At least in my location, Hughesnet is cheaper and works better.

Good luck!
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Phil, Viasat was not trying to hide anything about the 150GB plans being deprioritized even if you still had used less than your 150GB of data. In February they send each of us on the Freedom plan and those on the Unlimited plans an email explaining the change in the data policy and offered the option to terminate Viasat without penalty or switch to one of the other plans like Liberty. I changed to the Liberty 12GB plan and my speeds were immediately restored. Even after I use my priority data and am on the "pass" I still get great speeds, and am saving $50 every month.
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Use "duplicitous" in a sentence
  • "The moment of high drama came when members of the Iraqiya bloc - which, by a slim margin, won more seats in Iraq's 325-member parliament than any other bloc - walked out of the session to protest what they called duplicitous tactics by political rivals and broken promises to roll back a controversial law that they feel unfairly targeted their members."
  • "He did brief officials, including MacKay, about the problems of the NDS, which he described as duplicitous and open to manipulation by politically powerful people behind the scenes."
  • "Go hangout with Sarah and Dick and continue to live in duplicitous stupid bliss!"

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Guess he didn’t get or bother to read the memo.
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He was too busy working on the TPS reports.