Viasat having install issues and not coming clean

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So I called Viasat 800 number on July 13, 2018. Was told they are not accepting new customers (I live in Western KY, 42376) but that I could call a local installer as they may have "slots" reserved. Called my local installer and he said yes, he could hook me up that afternoon with the Unlimited Silver 12 plan. Said he had just installed two the day before. After 4 hours of being at my house and a good hour or so of the installer on the phone with Viasat tech help, they left and said they'd be back on Monday. Said Viasat was having software issues. Had a very strong signal but could not get the modem to authorize itself. (I'm not sure if that's the right terminology???) 

Anyway, they came back on Monday and after 4 -5 hours (with the last hour of them waiting for Viasat Tech Service to call them back) the installer said they had to go make money elsewhere and couldn't sit around waiting for a call-back. Hell, I don't blame them! Very said that Viasat treats their dealers like this...

Anyway, it is now July 24, 2018 and Viasat still has not called my installer back!!! WTH??? He has turned away 5 - 6 new customers because he's not going to waste his time until Viasat fixes their problem. Again...can't blame him on this.
I called Viasat myself and could not get any answers. I am very leery of this company now. Not sure they know what the problem is and their lack of transparency to the consumer & dealers is a buzz kill. Was really looking forward to telling AT&T wireless to hit the road but now I'm not so sure.
Does anyone else know what is going on? Should I stick it out? Is it worth it?
Thanks in advance,Jim
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Jim Hines

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  • very frustrated!!!

Posted 2 years ago

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I am not aware of any issues that would prevent a new installation from being activated, today or yesterday.  I can safely say that, as I sit less than 10 feet from the Installer Relations team that the tech would have called.

To be fair to the Customer Care team that you called, they would have no knowledge of installation problems, as they generally don't deal with that side of the service.  

If you could email us with your account details (account number, or the phone number attached to the account) and a description of your experience, we'd be happy to take a look, and reach out to the dealer for you. 
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Jim Hines

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I have a call into my installer, J.R. Williams TV Appliance and Satellite, Beaver Dam, KY, but as of Monday (7/23/18), they still had not gotten a call back from Viasat. They had talked to the Tech Support (Installer Relations???), the regional sales manager and had left voice mails for the guy that runs around checking that installs are completed properly. To my knowledge, none of those have called them back to tell them the problem is fixed.
Can the Installer Relations team contact me?

I will send an email to address you provided but at this point, I'm pretty confident that Viasat's left hand doesn't have a clue what the right hand is doing! Going on two weeks now and I am still not hooked up!

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Jim, I have your email, and will investigate.  
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The installer probably ran into the same issue I did a couple weeks ago. The Quality of Install system is majorly flawed due to the incredibly cumbersome point/peak process they now have us doing. No matter what I did, it kept failing and when I finally called tech support, the ABSOLUTE last resort, they said it could be one of several things and had NO idea which. Long story short....I finally got the system activated after 3 total trips and 150 miles of driving. 

I know many installers and dealers who share the same sentiment your installer has. Me? I'm hard-headed and stick with it but I would NEVER suggest to some young buck getting set up to try to make a living installing these things.

The whole mentality seems to be focused on process rather than results and I have made that clear to everyone I know out there. 

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I had freedom 150 plan and after having it just 1 year i,moved a few miles away and all of a sudden I can no longer get that plan after I paid for the month so now I ha e plan that give me 50 gigs LESS FOR 50 DOLLARS MORE! I feel robbed....being taken advantage of n they give me a bull excuse about it.....not to mention locking me into another 24 month contract....screwed, blued, tattooed but never kissed or even a teach around

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First, please try to demonstrate a little maturity here and refrain from the vulgar words and references.  This is a public site, read by anyone.  Please treat it as such.  

Secondly, moving is a risk when it comes to services, as what you were able to get before you may not be able to get now.  
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Here’s how to do it:
  • About a week before your move, call either Customer Care  or your Viasat dealer to check availability and set up a contract for your new location.
  • We’ll help you choose the plan that best suits your needs from among the available options. Sometimes, that may require an upgrade to a different plan.
  • You’ll also be asked to sign a new, 24-month contract.
  • If there’s a balance on the account for the address you’re leaving, we’ll ask you to pay that in full, and then start fresh with your new location.
  • Pack up the satellite TRIA (outside on the dish), modem, and AC cord we gave you during the original installation and mail it back to us in the box we provide.
  • We’ll connect you to our Move Team, who will arrange with you a good time to come to your location, connect the new modem, install a satellite dish and finish the set-up.
  • Your monthly bill may go up, down or stay the same – depending on the plan you choose and what’s available in your new location.
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Why can't a person take the stuff too your new place. And you move and 2 year deal it's all about money
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I am having the same issue with ViaSat customer support not working out.  They have the address "", but they should have the address, because they are pretty slow at responding.

I haven't had internet in weeks and can't afford to hire one of their techs to troubleshoot my dish, so I did it myself.  I'm a software engineer and HAM radio extra class license holder, so troubleshooting the dish should be right up my alley, provided I have the right information.

I ended up having to knock on a neighbor's door that also has ViaSat, so I could isolate my problem because I don't have two of everything.

Even after isolating my issue, ViaSat is still not responding to my emails.

If I don't hear back from them by tomorrow, Hughes currently has a free installation promo going on.  I think I may switch and see if they are any better.