Viasat has been great!

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I live in a rural area in southern Indiana and have been forced to use satellite internet for the last 16 years due to no other options beyond cellular.  Originally it was on something with AOL, followed by HughesNet and switched to Wildblue-Exceed-ViaSat 6 years ago.  Last year I had a rare window of opportunity to upgrade to the Freedom 150 with 25 mbs boost and quickly took advantage of the offer.  

The plan I have now is far superior to any that I have had in the past.  I average 19 down and 4 up consistently and keep the data extender turned off.  I rarely have any slow downs even during peak hours.  I do not have trouble streaming Netflix, Hulu, DirectTV Now or Amazon Prime in HD.  4K does buffer, but HD works great.  I work from home sometimes and have no trouble with video conferencing and other things I need to do for work over the internet.  

I have been offered plans on the Viasat2 up to 50mbs, but have not switched due to having such great service at this time with the option of turning off the video extender, as well as the price of the new plans.  I have never used over 150GBs in one month so not sure what the effect of priority data would be.  

I realize I am in an area that is apparently not congested, so do your homework before making a decision.  If they are in an area where most people are using another satellite provider you may have a good experience

I often read this forum to keep up with what is going on and if anything new is happening.  There is a lot of informative and entertaining conversations.  

I will be leaving Viasat in a couple of months because we are finally being offered a superior option.  Fiber optics is coming my way:).  I wanted to say I have had a great experience with ViaSat and would certainly stay but cannot pass up fiber optics.  

Posting to let people know that are thinking about satellite that ViaSat is a great option if you live in a area that is not oversold.  Satellite is far superior than it was several years ago.  No way I could watch HD TV even 2 years ago.  It is a great option when you live in a rural area and need to stay connected:) Not all have a bad experience.  
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4K requires 25Mbps, on average, and it needs to be a nice, clean speed, with very little in the way of congestion.  

My advice?  If what you have is working well for you, I would stick with it.  The known is better than the unknown, especially if the known is working well.  Others may feel differently.  
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I meant in regard to the offer of upgrading to the Viasat2 plan, BTW, not the fiber.  Fiber is a no brainer.  
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Fiber vs. satellite. I dont think I would have to think about that decision long.
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Me either.  I couldn't edit my post, so I replied to it.  I clarified what I meant about sticking with what she had.  

I WISH I had fiber available.  It would open up a whole new world.  Both in Netflix, and being able to work.  
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I share your sentiments. I have had great service for 92 months and will only switch when I have cable or fiber. (Comcast recently pulled cable down my street but that is still 1,400 feet away and they want $21K to pull the line to my house).

Best wishes for even better service than you have now!