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I know you guys get this question a lot but it is about online video games and I know there's a dude that does this but I have a playstation and a computer and I want to play Overwatch but every time I get on I have well over 600+ ping even when I plug it in through Ethernet if I could get some help or an answer about how to maybe improve this or it may improve in the near future please reply to me.
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Posted 2 years ago

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You cannot get under 600 ms ping time on satellite internet.. The only way you will be able to reduce your ping to less than 75 ms is to find a new ISP that is cable, wired, WISP or cell based. 
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Some games will work, but those games that require low latency (i.e. low ping times) are not going to work on satellite internet. Unfortunately, the laws of physics cannot be overcome.
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Don't tell the neutrinos that ;)
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That could really shake things up if proven true. 
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well... i can play splatoon 2 onto my nintendo switch... also mario kart 8 deluxe online just fine without no lagginess :3 (BY THE WAY!!! MARIO KART 8 DELUXE FOR THE SWITCH IS SO FRICKING MUCH FUN!!! :3 id always play battle mode cause its fricking much fun!!! :D    ) also... playing first person shooters CANT be played online... reason being is that... the signal HAS to go to 22,000 miles to go to the satellite THEN!!! 22,000 miles back so you can recieve the signal and so fourth... BUT!!! i can play brawlhalla online with my friends just fine :3 (brawlhalla is just like super smash bros BUT MUCH FUNNER!!! :D   )  

LAST BUT NOT LEAST!!! :3  onto the xbox one AND ps4, AND PS3, AND XBOX 360...

ok lets start... xbox 360... never played online with it cause i could never get black ops 2 to work... until i did my online researched... sadly i couldnt... cause of my ping time...

PS3!!! i can play call of duty battlefield 4 just fine onto my ps3 :3 but havent played it IN FOREVER!!! @>@   BUT!!! i can play that just fine over wifi AND ethernet cable...

PS4!!! i can play dragon ball z xenoverse 2 online just fine with my friends :3 BUT!!! when it comes to the nintendo switch verison... i cannot... cause of the xenoverse's STUPID SERVERS!!! >:(  BUT!!! i can play rocket league just fine :3 BUT!!! onto rocket league... its kinda laggy BUT!!! ive managed to even like... time out the lagginess so i can actually play :3 AND YES!!! ive been disconnected couple of times though sadly ;-; BUT!!! imma just stick to the offline mode though :3

LAST BUT NOT LEAST!!! XBOX ONE!!! :3 i can play dragon ball z xenoverse 2 online just perfect :3 BUT!!! when it comes to my nintendo switch... sadly i cant D:< makes me kinda mad at the xenoverse's servers for my nintendo switch D:< BUT!!! onto the xbox one its like AOK!!! :3 i STILL dont recommened you playing black ops 3 since ive tried it but sadly... it didnt work DX BUT!!! i can still play single player though :3

and that is about it :3 BUT!!! i mostly play my nintendo switch cause i gots mario kart 8 deluxe for it and i couldnt put it down XD BUT!!! imma unlocking new vehicles though :3 and new stuff also :3 BUT!!! i tend to play as baby rosilina though :3 SHE IS SO FRICKING ADORABLE!!! <3 I WANNA HUGGIES HER!!! <3 

OH YEAH!!! i still need to unlock golden mario DX AND the golden parts for the karts DX  (WHICH WILL BE IN A PAIN IN THE BUTT!!! cause ive heard you had to like collect about.... 1,000 COINS or was it....  9,000 COINS to unlock golden mario I CANT REMEMBER!!! DX    ) BUT!!! ive been able to play online just fine :3 just had to do a google DNS so i can play online :3

WELP!!! hope this helps yall!!! :3 time for a ciggy and soda for me :3 SO BAI BAI!!! :3

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Knock off the ciggy's Deku!  :-O
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The general consensus is that FPS games are going to be frustrating with the lag but other games tend to do well. Keep in mind that 750m/s is the average ping rate