Viasat fiddling with plans again

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So I put in my address tonight to see what Viasat is offering in my area.  To my surprise they are offering Silver 25 (60GB priority) for $100/month.  AND free installation again.

So at least in my area, they are back to being competitive with Hughesnet in terms of price and features offered.

So I will give them credit.  They are at least trying again at get new customers in my area.
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Posted 4 months ago

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Congestion here we come! Yeeehaw!
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Every study I have seen in every industry ever studied shows that it is much cheaper to keep an existing customer than to lure a new one. Providing decent service to existing customers would be much more profitable for Viasat than constantly churning through customers.
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They will just say they optimized this or tweaked that and now they can support these speeds and amount of priority data.  Or they could have had enough churn they are opening up a beam again.

But the inconsistency in plans, the constant changing of prices and features.  Imagine a person in my area that bought the crappy $200 12Mbps Silver plan and paid $150 for an install.  How would they feel now seeing this?  I know I certainly would not be a happy camper!
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My choices if I wanted to go back to Viasat haven't changed. Just under $120 total for the cheapest plan, 35 gigs and 360p.hahahaha.  No. I used more than 35 gigs by accident about a week ago on one of my Mobley sims when auto play got turned on somehow on Youtube. 

I would get free installation though. 
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Close to that much priority data (65 GB) at only up to 12 Mbps + $150 for installation here is double the cost at $200 + modem lease, taxes, and fees a month. How does that make sense? I am in Central Va serviced by the notorious beam 329. Pay more here for probably worse service.
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The unlimited plans in some of the "329 area" are actually on Viasat-2. While I'm on Viasat-1 329 with a Liberty plan, a neighbor (quarter mile away) switched to an unlimited bronze plan on Viasat-2 (beam unknown) - he knew what to expect and is satisfied despite paying more for what does turn out to more (although still not enough he went in with eyes wide open). Mo install fee but a new 2 year commit He was stuck on the older Classic 10 plan and it (going unlimited) was his only option other than going without - supply meets demand for pricing. No need for any additional incentives in this area - take what's offered or leave it - I'll leave the "unlimited" for those who want it. If I were a new customer I'd have no other choice, I'd opt for it rather than going without.
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With what's being offered, perhaps they're trying to control the number of new customers until the VS3 is up and active, but I think it would irk people less if they just found that they couldn't get the service right now vs being able to get it, but paying a VERY high price for what they can get.  The latter is much more likely to scare people away permanently.  

As a potential customer, I'd much rather think that VS cares about the service the customers receive by not offering it where it won't be good enough.  This would keep me coming back and looking for when it will be offered.