Viasat & Exede have me blocked on Facebook! I can't ask questions or complain anymore. Is anyone else blocked?

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I am not getting the service I pay for so I used to write and complain about it. Now they have me blocked on Facebook. I can no longer send a message when I have a problem or comment on their page. Is anyone else blocked? It sure would be nice to have an internet company that cared and did their best to work with their customers. I have been with Exede for about 4 years now waiting for better service. That is a long time to be kept waiting. I don't know what to do. My choices are Exede or Hughes Net. I did a speed test at actually at different times tonight and my highest DL was 7.75 and UPLoad 0.94. I have put up with this for several years now.....waiting for better service. I don't think it is ever going to happen with this company. I kinda want to upgrade but feel that I would still have too many problems. Has anyone upgraded to the unlimited plan that had problems before? I have the 10mbs plan right now and free time from 12-?6AM and pay $60 and change a month. 
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Posted 2 years ago

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You consider 7 mbps to be terrible? If the service is so horrible, you should have ditched Exede/Viasat after your contract was up two years ago.

I don't blame them for blocking you.
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That is awful easy to say when you have more options to choice from.He is probable in same boat I am in no other options to choice from.Oh you don't have to worry just as soon as soon as  something better comes alone I promise to leave you with my band width.Nothing more need to be said.
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I got unlimited 12 silver package...mine is on and off so far all day every pissed
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just so ya know :3 i have a program called IDM (a.k.a internet download management) and so far... ive bought the 1 year license thing and the 1 year was almost up... so ive bought the entire life time license :3 so whenever i go onto youtube the little thing pops up at the right hand corner of every video and says download video and it either gives me a choice of what format i want to download... (i always tend to download the 480p ones :3 ) BUT!!! youll have to install it to the google chrome or the sparrow browser or whatever web surfing ya do :3

BUT!!! the life time license is ONLY onto 1 computer... BUT!!! i know how to bypass that and get it onto MULTIPLY computers :3 BUT!!! here is the link if ya want to buy it :3 also... every website i go to always has that download video little thing at the right hand corner and you just click it and you can rename it as what you want... and itll download once downloaded you can go into your downloads folder and look for the folder video and click onto the folder video and play it :3 BUT!!! i use VLC which you can download also which is for free :3 to play your work videos (i tend to play all video formats onto VLC :3 cause its awesomeness!!! i even play my youtube videos, anime videos, how to videos, ect. ect. :3  )


VLC VIDEO PLAYER!!! :3 (this is free :3  )


the other thing... i dont know how to help ya out... but you could email viasat though :3 (i forgots what there email address was to be honest DX  sorry ;-;   )
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I personally use Eagle get and the MEGAsync download agent i pay for Mega cloud service and eagle get does everything IDM does but its free.
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I too have been with Exede 5 years or so.  I am on the same plan you are with the same issue.  From what I have been told STAY ON THE PLAN YOU HAVE until Viasat 2 is in full operation.  Cherish your 12 to 5 free zone.  My speeds drop drastically when school lets out.  In foul weather when everyone is indoors its ridiculous.  If I am restricted, my internet is not over 1 Mbps outside my free zone and is totally USELESS.

It frustrates me as well that I am paying for "high speed internet" and it works well, as long as everybody else isnt online at the time.  And it burns me that we on congested beams pay the same as customers on beams without issues, with a fraction of the service and/or quality.  It has given me a very poor opinion of Viasat/Exede that in years of dealing with this their only response has been "Viasat 2 is coming" Ive gotten no compensation, no explanation, and not even an apology,   Just keep paying your bill.
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Hi Patty 

Please call us at 855-463-9333 if you are having issues with the service or email

With that said 7mbps on a 12mbps plan isn't quite a concern as many activities can be done at that speed. Keep in mind that peak hours and some of the late night hours are busier times for our network and speeds usually dip during those times. Speed is never a guarantee as many factors such as network traffic, your connection, your equipment, the site you're going to, the host of the site, how many devices are connected, ect all can affect your speed hence why all ISPs post speeds as "up to". 
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RE: " in 2012 viasat's product paled in comparison to these land based isp's."

Support your assertion...VS-1 came "online" then. I cited this: August 23, 2012 - Video streaming problems: Who's to blame, ISP or computer?

Now This: Jan 21, 2013  An obscenely slow Internet connection when you're paying for a fast one - Interronator is paying Time Warner for 20mbps Internet service, but is only getting about .7 (note the decimal point).

I believe your beef is about primetime...well in the rush hour, we have the

Righteous Brothers Edition

and the

Extreme road rage caught on camera

Major complaints I am aware of is related to streaming, not web browsing...during primetime hours.  Last I knew in most all beams, Viasat performs well in non-primetime hours.  Streaming is the issue, in primetime hours.
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Footnote Jan 21, 2013  Almost no one gets the Internet performance that their ISP advertises.
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Related to streaming? Interesting, so there goes that whole bit about the loss of net neutrality not changing anything... I wasn't complaining about primetime. Though its ridiculous when 2mpbs constitutes upto 25mbps in primetime, it's also ridiculous that out of primetime 12 or less often constitutes upto 25mbps on a wired connection. While, as your wisdom would provide, this is faster than dialup or sending smoke symbols, it is slower than the 12 mbps I got all day long on my liberty plan, my evolution plan, and all the prior plans I've had since 2012. Now it's fast than sending messages with a chalk board but it has a lesser QoS than it had when Viasat used to take pride in what it offered to customers. But you assume it's about primetime so insert reference about road rage. There's all the hype amounting to bunk.  There's the overall degradation of their custom service since 2012. Yes, it's true, they will never make me a speaker at Viasatcon 2018.
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RE: "...loss of net neutrality..."

Read legal terms of service...FCC allowed:.

FCC Open Internet Order 2010 - The Open Internet Order "creates two classes of internet access, one for fixed-line providers and the other for the wireless Net."[1] These regulations adopt an aggressive net neutrality stance towards fixed line broadband providers but a more lenient approach towards wireless providers.

RE: "ridiculous when 2mpbs"

Read Viasat's legal....I most likely have a 2005 copy, but the fine print has indicated primetime slowdowns will exist.

It's not "ridiculous," as stated before, Viasat is attempting to bring a better service.  As since Wildblue days, it has slowly gotten better.  Streaming is what has created has gone ballistic...DirecTV/DISH/Youtube/Vimeo/, and many more options.

RE: road rage

Like I said, I do web browsing, email, during primetime mostly.  Vids mostly during LNFZ, or in non-primetime.  Expectations and reality are not always in sync, and those expecting upto speeds during primetime are Internet illiterate.

As noted before (above)

"However, during prime time (about 7PM to 11PM) I see very much lower speeds. Sometimes less than 100Mbps and very often less than 150Mbps, never goes up to 200Mbps."

25% to 50% speed reduction on a fast cable 200Mbps plan during primetime
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Something about wildblue and things got better: I think that was covered under dial up being faster than smoke signals. Yes Viasat 1 is faster than the much older wildblue satellite. It is also faster than the other gen 3 satellites. Viasat is attempting to bring better quality? Interesting and in their efforts they have made things a worse quality in every single avenue of their business. I'm sorry but honestly I have to ignore the other apologetics with a TLDR since they really don't attempt to address anything I've said in any honest manner. Good day.

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