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I am loving the Viasat browser. Have installed it on all computers at both houses, at work, and the cell phone, even though I only have satellite at one house. It’s super fast and blocks an unbelievable amount of pop ups , ads, and tracking requests. By comparison Chrome is an absolute dog. Anyone else tried it?
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Posted 9 months ago

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It has got generally good reviews. It is based on a Chronium platform. So Chrome and it have the same basic guts. It also uses Ublock Origin, which anybody can load on their browsers. That is where the ad blocking comes in.

I personally have never tried it, but I know people like it.
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I tried it.  It worked fine for me, though some things didn't apply with me not having ViaSat. 
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Downside currently, is it can't send video off for hardware video decode, which Chrome has.  Sometime in future, this will be address.  Version I have is 32bit....I don't now if there will be a 64bit version.
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I actually am in love with the Viasat Browser. It's basically the only Browser I ever use every single day. I may use puffin browser on my iPad and duckduckgo once in a while. But not very often like I do with Viasat Browser. (Did have 1 Major issues but couldn't retrieve any of my Information due to customer privacy and such forth) Other than that, I really love Viasat Browser to death! :3

P.S. I must also include this, I can download my Anime's off my iPad then watch them. Then I store them onto my Google Drive Storage that I have got for a monthly payment.
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Awesome! The browser folks like to pop in so they'll love seeing this
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Indeed, we do!!
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I would like to know why the Viasat browser receives an update every day. I have asked this before without a response.
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The desktop Viasat Browser was updated once this month, on March 8th, to patch a Zero Day security vulnerability(use-after-free in FileReader exploit) that was identified in the Chromium base software.  We recommend that all customers upgrade their Viasat Browser to get this update asap.

The release prior to that was made on Feb 13.  

If you are being prompted to upgrade more frequently, then please send an email to and someone will assist with troubleshooting the issue you are seeing.