Very slow upload speed.

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I recently signed up with Exede and I don't anywhere near the upload speed that I was promised, so I called into customer service and spoke with one of their technical reps.

Let me first share my experience with the technical rep. who I won't mention by name. I do think this could be a help for a better customer service.

I explained that I was behind a router, so my PC was not directly connected to the modem - the rep. seemed to understand my setup.

I had forgotten the password to my account, and didn't know the answer to the secret question since my wife set it up - the rep. just gave me the answer right there on the phone ...... so much for security.

The rep. explained to me that I had to delete all cookies from my PC to get the maximum speed since "the PC would think too much about the cookies and can't keep up" .... I've never heard such nonsense.

Another tip was to set automatic detection of properties, but the rep. had no answer to what those properties were.... I think this could be the proxy settings, this had no affect what-so-ever in my case.

The rep. also instructed me to use "" to test of the connection speed, and not the well respected/used site I had been using so far, the reason was that " was optimized for satellite"... this may be so, and I wanted to see if it mattered (I later tried and sure enough there was no difference)

The rep. then tried to lecture me in how XP would revert to dial-up if it detected a slow connection - peculiar, since I seconds ago explained that I was using Windows 7.

I wanted to try the "" first before going further, so I asked the rep. if there were a higher level of technical support since I had a strong feeling that the suggestions I was given would have no positive results and I would have to call back to speak to someone else, so I wanted to avoid wasting time with the lowest level and go straight to the next level.
I was first met with a lot of resistance to even answering my question about whether the were a higher level of support, and after finding out that there was a higher level, the rep. was became very defensive and probably felt challenged - this was not the case neither my intention.
I don't understand the hesitation of getting me in contact with someone who could help a new customer, I was then (mid sentence) put on hold for so long that I gave up getting any help.

Anyway, the numbers I see, with no cookies, not running XP, and using "", automatic proxy settings are:
Download: 8 Mbps
Upload 0.7 Mbps at best

My plan promised 12Mbps up and 3Mbps down.

So.... is there anyone who has a better idea of how I can get closer to the upload speed I was promised ?
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Posted 6 years ago

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Haha they told me that they don't guarantee you will get that speed they just say "UP TO" 12mbps and anything over 6 is good LMAO yeah so good luck ;)
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I am OK with the download speed, it's the upload speed I am not too happy
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and what upload speed do you get when you connect directly, without the router?

And Becca is correct, no speeds are promised, it's sold as "up to" but this is typical of all internet providers, not just exede.
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The quality of your installation and where you are geographically can affect the speeds you experience. Almost all the customers I have installed and/or sold (50 +/-) are experiencing better than 12 mbps during non-prime time unless they have several devices going in the house at once. If you are at the edge of your beam or on a beam with a heavy customer base, you may experience a little slower than this. I am surprised that tech support advised you to use It is pretty much unanimously agreed that the only really reliable speed test for satellite is using the manual test with 12 mb down and 3 mb up. For me the most disappointing thing about Exede has been the incompetence of the phone tech support people. If I were you, I would ask for a Q/A inspection of your installation.
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I tried and got quite different numbers, here I got these numbers:
19Mbps down
225Kbps up

I immediately after tried and I got:
10.5Mbps down
440 Kbps up
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I am so sorry to hear about the experience you had with our technical support.
I can definitely help with your upload speed concerns. .7Mbps is not the performance we would like you to be seeing with our service.

Please e-mail me the phone number associated with your account, a brief description (copy post from this forum if you like), and the best time to reach you. My email is:

Take care!
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I have received your email and I am looking over your account now. I will be calling you shortly to get you some assistance.

Thank you.

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