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I have never been so frustrated with a company. I decided to leave and buy out my contract. The internet was very slow and expensive. I called and paid what was left. They sent me a box to send back the equipment. After a couple weeks they sent me a refund. I thought ok I must have overpaid. They then sent me another bill saying I owed more money. I than called them and they said it was the system that sent me back the refund and they need it back. They said at that time they had received the equipment back. Now I got a email saying I owe 234.00. WHAT! So I called them. They said they never sent me a refund, even though I have a receipt and it's written in their notes. They now say they didn't receive the equipment. I was on the phone for over an hour waiting to talk to a supervisor. They have also turned me into a collection agency. I just got the bill for 234.00 July 28th. Do not trust this company. Plus I never got to talk to a supervisor. I sat on hold forever, finally got upset and hung up.
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  • upset and frustrated.

Posted 3 years ago

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I removed the photo for security purposes. Please email us at and we'll be able to look into this charge for the equipment and hopefully fix this.
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I canceled my service bc I moved and couldn’t transfer it. I paid the cancellation fee and returned the modem and tria in the box they sent me. I took a picture of the equipment in the box with my shipping label. They received the box bt claim only the modem was inside. No tria. They charged my credit card $150. Have called numerous times to be told different stories. After all the the calls and waiting the “7-10 business days” to get my refund, I called again today bc I have yet to be reimbursed. My story is the same as others I’ve read here. Posting this message and then I’m contacting th Better Business Bureau. This is total crap!
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Deb, please email this information to for assistance.
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Bev, I’m thinking you meant to respond to me - Dede..not Deb. If “Viasatlistens” then why don’t they contact me? I’ve explained it - for months - over the phone. And offered to send the photo.
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Dede, the viasatlistens email address will take you outside of the normal customer support channels to someone (the moderators of this community at the corporate level who aremore customer advocates) who can investigate and assist in resolving your issue. 
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Dede, you will get better response by sending the moderators an email at Include your account number, when you returned the equipment, a phone number, and this picture. The moderators are corporate employees at Viasat headquarters and will look into this and get you a better answer
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Sir, they have three levels of tech-support available to you for free, that most people would charge for, like even those people that take over your computer and see your mouth moving around ...remotely that's what it's called... are you have to do is call them they fixed mine Right up
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When you ship something back you should always track it and then you see you signed for and received it.  I have always been able to do this and I save or copy and paste the information into a word document, book mark the actual receipt.  Doing this allows you to provide the info that is really indisputable.   Did you do this?

If you still have the tracking number track it and get your info now.
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But you did get "up to" 25Mbps
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Depends whether it was sent back UPS Ground or Air.
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Dede,  Thank you for sharing the picture with the equipment in it.  Unfortunately one of the pieces is not theTRIA and that is why you were charged $150.00.  

Please review this link.  It shows the equipment that needs to be returned.  Send your account and contact information to and we'll look into this for you.  Diana
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What link, Diana?
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and don't call me Diana or Shirley.

But you'd think whoever is responsible for accepting and checking these things in could make a note on the customers account indicating exactly what the circumstances were... and what was returned, somewhere an unidentified part is now missing.   
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This is really good information.  I canceled my service with Exede a long time ago (before coming back) and there were detailed instructions of what needed to be returned.  It looks like Dede made a simple mistake and sent the wrong item.

It is amazing that none of us noticed the missing TRIA in the image Dede share with us.  It looks like Dede shipped the piece of plastic it mounts to and not the TRIA itself. 

It is a good thing she took a picture of what she sent, so the problem could be identified.  Hopefully she still has the TRIA and can still send it back.