How many movies can you stream with 15 GB?

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How many movies can I stream with 15 GB on the evolution plan? I was told from 3 different representives at least 90 minutes a day on Netflix for 25 days before I signed up. When I noticed that my gb usage went to 4 GB from just watching 30 minutes of youtube and 3 quick updates on applications, I called and the lady told me I can only get about 3 movies with 15 GB!? Would love some advice and help please, thank you.
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  • dissatisfied and lied to

Posted 5 years ago

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Sadly it does sound like they didn't quite know what they were talking about / didn't fully explain how they got that number. If you watch movies and manually set the resolution as low as you can yes you can watch several movies for the price of one good quality movie now as far as how many there are many factors that go in to that but again set the resolution as low as you can and you will be able to watch more but wpikd still wait till the end on the month and use your left over data at the end of month before reset
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Netflix provides the following link to determine estimated data usage as well as instructions on how to manually reduce the amount of data used:

Technically all of the estimates provided to you are correct; however they've not been properly qualified with the video quality that you can expect, and leave little room for other activities.

The Netflix philosophy when using automatic settings favors quality over quantity based on what they detect your connection speed to be. The majority of their market has virtually unlimited data caps for practical purposes and Netflix could care little about how much data is being delivered on your dime.

If really intent on heavy Netflix usage on a severely limited satellite plan, you probably want to leverage your free zone and look into Aterlo's NighShift -

Similarly, you'll want to ensure large application updates are downloaded during the free zone period.

Cancellation is always an option if you have a better alternative, but beware the early termination fee which is similarly not made crystal clear when signing up.      

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Net flix and satellite internet are not a good idea.  You will have a problem and be restricted no matter what excede plan your on.
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What One Gig Will Do:

29,257 plain text e-mail messages

5,120 e-mail messages with attachments

3,413 pages web surfing

1,024 digital photos

353 minutes of YouTube streaming

256 MP3 Music downloads

35 hours online gaming

150 Minutes standard-definition Video


Additional Examples:

1 hr./day web browsing = 1.8 GB/month

10 emails/day = 0.003 GB/month

2 hrs./ week social media = 0.514 GB/month

15 photos/week = 0.193 GB/month

20 file downloads/week = 0.257 GB/month

1 hr./day streaming music = 1.2 GB

15 min./week video chat = 0.103 GB

2 hrs./month std def movies = 1.5 GB

2 hrs./month hi def movies = 4.6 GB

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Thank you so much Jim for posting that. Gives good information about what you can do with what you have. Have a nice day.
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Thank you for sharing but I don't see how this is true. 30 minutes of GB, the first day of my plan, went up to 1.8. Yes it was low quality. No I not frustrating.
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HD movies are about 2.3 GB/hr, according to Netflix. You can use less if you tweak the settings. SD movies are more like 750 MB/hr. Streaming YouTube/Vimeo is about 6 MB/min, again depending on settings.
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Thank you all so much forthe information! After watching 30 minutes of low quality youtube, I was at 1.8 GB. It just doesn't make sense to me when I read and am told otherwise. REALLY wish there was another provider I may use, as the representives don't seem to know what they are talking about as well, besides the last one I spoke with, whom I believe. I feel like an internet nazi watching my GB like a hawk any time somebody wants to play a simple game during the day. It's goes up so much faster than my verizon plan on my ipad. They should really offer a trial period, or does any one know if they can pull up conversations? I had 3 representives misinform me before I signed on to this. Now I regret it more than ever...
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My kids and I were towards the end of our month and had a few GB to burn.  We spent Saturday watching many episodes of one of my daugther's favorite series off of netflix.  Each Episode was about 45 minutes.  All in all we found that each episode used 300 MB - 400 MB.  So based on that we figured ever three episodes at roughly 1 GB of data and ended up being almost spot on.  That may not hold true for all / other shows, but for this one it did.  I checked Exede's meter with my router meter and they matched up nearly spot on so I am pretty confident in these numbers.
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This was using the lowest settings on Netflix
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Dawn, I am sorry you've received such mixed information from the point of sale until now. The posts here are full of good information and I hope helps you understand your data usage better. Please do reach out to us at if you continue to have issues or questions.
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Based on that usage list I should barely have any usage at all per month, but for some UNKNOWN reason we go over 15GB EVERY MONTH. 3 people, no streaming movies or music, satellite tv provider not hooked up to internet, only home and using internet roughly 4 hours out of the day and that is after 5pm. And customer service does not serve anyone but Viastat.

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Charlotte, I'd like to look into your usage a little further. I should be able to provide you with more insight into where the data is going. Please email me at with your account and contact information. Please reference your post in your email.
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Good day ,,,,,My monthly internet usage allowance is 30gb,,,,,,how many hours of youtube  ,games etc can we use the internet per day.
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I don't know about the games, each will use different amounts of data. Typical HD videos will use 1.5 to 2 GB per hour, standard def will be about a forth of that.
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