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I regret the day I answered my door to the Excede salesman. I would not recommend this to anyone. I've been with them for two months; the first month I was out of data within a week. This month, I am at 80% used after only two days. We are older and do nothing but a little surfing. I spoke with a rep last month and got nowhere. I was misled and not told this was not unlimited until I signed up, and then was assured that with what little we are online we would never run out of data. Also, was not told about the $9.99 lease fee. I want out of the contract and they won't let me. Very unhappy customer.
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Sherry Dirksen

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Posted 5 years ago

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Hey Sherry, sadly that is more common then you would think that the salesman don't fully disclose everything to the customers before hand. That being said though it is up to the end user to do some research before hand. I am sorry you are going over your data usage and have so much trouble with your service. Send an email to with your account and contact info and reference this post. Either exede Lindsey or exede Diana will pick up your email and give you a call to discuss what's going on and see if they can get you fixed.

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Get a lawyer.
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this sounds like a very bad situation to me. I agree that the best thing is to always research everything in writing online first, and yet it bothers me anytime I hear that people are simply told untruths about the service and then are stuck with the contract.  Sherry who was your internet provider before you went to exede?
At the same time, there may be quite a lot that you can do, with assistance from in learning how to limit your data usage (in ways you may not even notice) and not have so much of a problem with this aspect of your service.  
If you are just surfing and not streaming lots of videos or tv shows or movies, then I do think there are setting changes and other things that can be done to stop your data from being used up so incredibly fast.  I have the least expensive Exede classic plan, which has an allowance of 10 gb per month.  I learned how to change certain settings on my laptops and devices to minimize data usage (things like finding out what stuff might be autodownloading updates in the background without my knowing it, or connections to clouds that constantly use data by updating all the time, when this is not something I need, or sometimes  a big source of data loss is all those websites you may go to and videos just automatically start playing whether or not you really want them to.) Once I had figured out how to stop this kind of data usage, I found that not only do I never go over my monthly data limit, but I almost always have a few gb left unused at the end of the month!  I do some downloading of new stuff or streaming of tv shows and movies only during the late night free zone, because this kind of usage really depletes data FAST.
I do hope you can find ways to get exede to work much better for you.
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Exede Lindsey

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Hello Sherry, I’m sorry to hear you have not had a great customer experience with our Exede service. I would be more than happy to review your account and see how I can resolve this issue. Please feel free to send an email to Look forward to hearing from you. 
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Not good at all. In my opinion, I have been scammed. The person who sold this to me did so by telling me he could do something for me that would be better than centurylink. I should have asked more questions, but I had called to have my centuryaccount switched to our summer home. I wasn't looking to switch and I certainly wasn't looking for a two year contract. How can I talk to a human being about this matter?
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I was told that it would only be a couple of months until new satellites went up and we were going to have unlimited available at a very competitive rate. I still have dial up speed internet with excede....
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Hi James,  Viasat-2 satellite was launched.  
Viasat 2 isn't going to be fully online until 2018, per currentestimates.  It's going to take a while to get it into the orbital slot,as well as lots of testing to get it integrated with our current network.  


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