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I have been a customer since December and have the 25 mbps plan. I'm consistently see speeds of .3-1.5 mbps. Multiple cals to customer service has been frustratingly unhelpful. Anyone else having the same issues?
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Posted 2 years ago

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Welcome to Viasat, my friend!!!
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unlimited bronze 12 plan myself sucks  2 am tll 10am  am good 11pm till 1am dial up service basically 0.2 0.3 0.25 and sometimes  1.0 if am lucky shannon williams  at 90 dollars a month disappointmented seriously too much for slow speeds yes i am on all day yes i stay in the country but am on all day cause am bored in county and handicapped no data caps yeah right  and am on unlimited thats not capped too much money for dialup  effect 7 -9 hours  of slow speeds  o n a satellite that i heard satellite internet was faster than brand broad i dont see it speed needs improvements  for 90 dollars a month on dialup like speeds 6 to 7 hours  monthly 
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Now that you have found this place, the proper procedure to report a problem like that is to send an email to describing your problem and include your account number and contact information. You will receive a confirmation email back in minutes acknowledging your email and a proper reply will arrive usually with 24 hours.
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It is hard to define what is oversold. Like you say during the day it isn't. During evenings, weekends, holidays it gets hit with heavy use.

I think your answer is what they have done with the "unlimited" plans. Initially they all offered 150GB of priority data. Now, even the Gold plan only offers 100GB's of priority data. They significantly cut the priority data levels I believe because they found speeds were being adversely impacted for all. Now, with less priority data for new plan owners, they will experience slowdowns quicker, saving faster speeds for those within limits.
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It's amazing what you can do with just 3 mbps.

Today I changed phone service to Cricket Wireless. I'm getting four lines of unlimited service (22 gb before throttle) for just $100 a month.

It runs on the AT&T network. The only catch is they limit speeds to 3 mbps. Guess what? 3 mbps works just fine and there is no buffering when I load a video.
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You see what happened here. We begged, and begged, and pleaded, and they listened and gave unlimited and now we're paying the price of congestion.
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Well they were suppose to have added capacity to handle the load.  Has anybody seen Viasat-2 installs?  Right now they are as rare as seeing bigfoot!

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I was getting 18's and 3-4 up. Then back in the freeze it kept going in and out, so a tech came out. 5 days late after I waited 2 days with no call and no show. I think he screwed the dish up. The CSR's are told to tell everyone it is congestion. Which I could see dropping down some but overnight 18 to 1.5 if I get on at 3 in the morning? 
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I know ground terminals not being ready is the reason being given, but dang, didn’t we know for years that ViaSat 2 was going into orbit? Somebody with some power should really examine the strategic plan the team had in place for deployment. The fast that plans are still sold on ViaSat 1 make me want to physically vomit.
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It could be a number of factors: ground infrastructure, satellite problems, lack of trained installers, equipment availability, etc.

Regardless, this roll out certainly hasn't made a slash like Viasat-1 did. So far, we have limited availability, high priced plans, and new plans that offer significantly less priority data than they did six months ago.