Variations in Viasat's plan offerings continue to astound me

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So every few weeks I like to poke around with zip codes to see what is going on.

At my location the best plan I can get is the "unlimited" Gold, 30Mbps, 100GB priority for $150/month.  That is not bad.

Across the hill, at my neighbors, their best plan is "unlimited" Gold, 12Mbps, 65GB priority for $200/month.

I have no idea how Viasat even sells this.  Imagine a poor dealer trying to explain. get a 3rd of the speed and only 2/3rd's the amount of priority data, but for that you get to pay $50+ more/month.

Viasat might not care, but the way they are selling their product in some areas isn't doing them any favors.  Andy, as a dealer, you have my sympathy. 

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Posted 6 months ago

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You DO know where you find sympathy located in the dictionary don't you?

I know dealers who are on the brink of throwing in the towel. They are tired of the lies and tired of being labeled liars in their communities. We are told something....we repeat it and then are left with egg on our face, all the while being told to suck it up and take one for the team. Easy to say when you are getting paid whether or not a system is being sold AND successfully installed. For the rest of us, it gets REAL, real fast. 

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You are like the first line soldiers that are going to take all the fire!  Infrantry are the first to go!

I understand WHY there is plan variation with the beam configuration and coverage areas.  It is the pricing structure that is an insult to customers. Price based on what you are offering.  In what product market does a consumer pay MORE for LESS???