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i just gotten my exede liberty 25GB on Thur. afternoon and than Fri. afternoon i have gotten an email saying that i have used it up already how is that lol
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Posted 3 years ago

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It's complicated (don't expect an answer in 140 characters or less) - start by reading this:

You can also send an email to one of the moderators here (ViaSat employees) at (include your account information and contact information since they have no idea who you are from this forum - do not post that info here).

They'll provide you with a general categorized breakdown of where the data went - it might provide some clues but you'll probably need to dig deeper with the above link to determine precisely where it is going.

Only you can verify the accuracy or inaccuracy of the usage reported by the Exede meter...
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What have you been using in the past
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Maybe she just upgraded to Liberty 25 and her current useage just came along for the ride?
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Whenever you change to a different plan, the amount of data already used for the current cycle is transferred to the new plan. Checking the Exede meter is a  good place to start, as Old Labs stated.
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After too much time watching the History Channel during yesterday's storms, when asked about that possibility, ancient astronaut theorists said yes!  
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We have the same problem we are using 150gb within 8 days with 1 device hooked up for maybe 4 hours 2 days a week. We've been dealing with this for 5 months now. The only thing that can be said it's video, it's video usage.
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You never did respond in a positive manner to any of the suggestions in your original thread:

Networks are complex. As such they have to be broken down into more easily understood and digested pieces.

I was worked with a Hughes user that was losing data.

Her Hubby has some poor habits ... multiple browsers and tabs left open for hours ... on pages that "auto-refresh", pages with auto-start video and now the latest "data gobbler" ... HTML5 video pre-fetch.

She set limits on Hubby's laptop ... but the drain continued. She finally got a router that tracked data.

What was happening was that once Hubby's network limit was hit it was disconnected ... so it, on its own, when searching for another connection, and found one. It was able to secure a connection to the network through a poorly secured and setup wireless printer.

You can NOT address the problem until you find the cause ... which device? which program or process within that device.

You have been dealing with the issue for 5 months?

Get some understanding going as to the shape of your Network, get a router that will supply the answers.

Suggested reading:

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Samantha, do you have a whole home DVR system like DTV Genie or DISH Hopper? If that is connected, it makes on demand channels available and, any of those use data, big time, that's HD video so about 1-1.5 GB per hour.

If you have those you need to disconnect them or, use parental controls on your router to block them form having internet access.

Social media pages, Roku, Netflix, AppleTV, can also use large amounts of video data. A mobile device may also do it if anyone is watching videos on a phone or tablet while on your wifi.

If it is not you or anyone in your household, it is possible that your wifi password has been compromised and, you need to change it.

If none of this is the issue, after double checking it all, you can email with your account information and, request a usage review and, help managing your data better. More tips can be found here: