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I can believe my usage is so high, don't stream any movies and in just a few days 10GB is gone this is ridiculous.
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Posted 4 years ago

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I don't dare even watch a video on FB.. I pay $130. a month for 25GB and already in one week have used 9GB and I wasn't even home most of the week last week.. and I turn my internet off when I'm gone and at night when I am sleeping.. and when I'm not using it .. so no one is stealing. it.
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I won't suggest y'all don't have a modem or installation issue since we all know those occur.

However, you might want to rule out the possibility of HTML5 media being used on web sites you frequent as being a potential culprit also. See my HTML5 experience (and at east one solution) over at this thread:

Suffice it to say, that as HTML5 gains greater adoption by web site designers, it's no longer sufficient to simply say I don't watch videos - you need to be concerned whether they are being automatically buffered in the background despite not playing or being paused.

At the same time, it's difficult to determine whether usage occurs while the modem is powered off since there's always a delay in the modem reporting usage while it's on. Once powered back on, it simply reports data used prior to powering off and after the last time it was reported (and that can potentially cover a lengthy period although it's typically every 15 minutes between reports) - essentially you need to use an alternate ISP (a WIFI hotspot or a neighbors connection) to verify usage is accumulating while the modem is off.   

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I have the same issues, when I never even used 5 gb with hughesnet a month. well at least while we were under contract. so many people having the same problem with data so pretty easy to rule out alot of customer end problems.
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This could be a multi-cause problem, some of which is already discussed here. Winodws 8 with it's live feeds - you can turn this off - Weatehr, headline news, sports news - each of these can be live. Windows 10 updates or ads to get user's to switch/upgrade to windows 10. In some versions of Windows 7 & 8 you can't turn Windows update OFF. I'm worried that Windows 10 will become and AD platform fot Microsoft to make $$ (since they are offering it up for free). The new IOS from apple - you can't control when it's being updated. What about us DirecTV and Dish users how much internet traffic is being created jus t to update and/or download content? Exede's internet useage tool/website should be able to provide more detail into what is chewing up our data useage (Video, software updates, where is it coming from, what time of day, ...). Oh yes can't leave out Amazon with our 4 Kindle Fire HD's I leave the WiFi OFF because of past experience with my data useage being clobbered. The internet is being tranformet into and advertisement asset for Amazon, Yahoo, MSN to add money to their bottom line at our expense. It's almost like we need more control over this like we do with spped limits on our nations highways - we, who live in a LIMIITED internet monthly capacity are being hammered by all this marketing - which is OK if you have an UNLIMITED internet access (and HIGH SPEED).
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Hello Keith, I would be more than happy to review your account details and check your usage categories to help you better understand what’s being consumed through your data. Please send your account and contact information  thank you.