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We are new to Exede after going without home internet for 4 years. We unwittingly used 14GB in the first 2 weeks. We thought we were monitoring what was running and being careful to not watch movies. One night we thought we'd "splurge" and watch a TV episode on Netflix. We watched two 42 minute episodes on auto resolution. Now we've used 14 GB out of 20, with half a month remaining. I'd like to know if there is some sort of more detailed data meter that can show us what is eating up all our data. We are really trying to make this new internet work but it is hard to know what we are doing wrong without details. Wish we could get some data back. I'm afraid to even log on for fear of using the remaining data!
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I like you are just getting started with Exede.  I am no expert in Exede or Computers at all.  Several of the Champions have given me good advice. One oh them (sorry but I don't remember which) advised me to use a data usage program called NerWorx from a company called Softperfect ( Google networx).  It is a free program.   I am still running test with it but it seems to agree agree with what Exede says I'm using. It has a tab called 'Usage Report' that shows you all (most) of the programs that have run and the amount of data they used.  It keeps a running record that can be reset whenever you want.  The other tabs give lots of information as to what are your data usage

Try to follow as many of the data tips that are given from time to time.

I sure hope this helps. 
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Satellite Restriction Tracker (SRT) is utility that's a free download and free to use. You give it your username and password so it can log in regularly on the schedule you set and check the official Exede usage meter, which is based in your Exede satellite modem.  Since it runs from your computer it can only check usage when your computer is on. If you have only one computer and no other Internet devices like tablets or cell phones connecting to your WiFi router, that is all you need.  If you do have multiple devices and want your usage checked around the clock, you can pay a $15 annual fee to the SRT author and have his server monitor your Exede usage and then feed it to your SRT installation when it is connected.  That's what I do, and have it check the meter once per hour.  SRT can also send you an alert if a usage limit that you set has been passed.  It's working fine for me. I've had a couple of times before I got SRT when the Exede meter ran hog wild and used up my 10 GB data cap in one or two days.  Now I'm able to keep watch on usage much more easily, and I'll get an alert if things go wild.  Just search for the Satellite Restriction Tracker and you will easily find it. It's donationware; the author requests you give a donation if you like the program and keep on using it.  You have nothing to lose by trying it.
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I also use Satellite Restriction Tracker. I also have 10GB for the month. So I divide up the days in the month and divide them into 10. Then set Satellite Restriction Tracker for how many MB's I can use a day. When reach that amount a warning pops up on taskbar telling me I have used that amount. That means time to get off the internet for me.
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We use SRT, too. We know how many percent a day we can use with a three percent hedge. If we use more than this we know we have to slack off for a day or two to get back on track.

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