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Any plans in the near future to boost the upload speeds? 5 mbps upload speed would be nice I get 2-3 mbps
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Posted 1 year ago

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I have been with Viasat since 2013 and rarely get 1.0 Mbps.
Geez young man take a chill pill.
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Actually, I missed that this was about upload speed.  For that I apologize.  Here's upload speed.  And I have no reason to need to take a chill pill.  

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The sun doesn't always shine in Silicon Valley, just most of the time.
Move to Milpitas California and you can get this....  Yea, I know what some are thinking... But I just had to show that ViaSat can do it.

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whats maxine waters doing in ca she needs more then a chill pill think spelled her name right did she yell at viasat thats good numbers
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But I just had to show that ViaSat can do it.

Go Mud Dogs! You people are drinkin the wrong water.

Is that Stephen Rice in the background???
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I seldom get above 1 mbps, even when my download speeds average 12 to 18 mbps. I don't see a problem with my upload speed, it works fine for me.
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well I use OBS to broadcas and many times upload is not fast enough and it causes me to drop frames
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If you get 2 to 3 i'd say be happy, your times are exceptional.

I've seen 1.5 to 2, a few times in the last year, generally 1
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Yeah right now at 6:45 its 3.05mbps and download is 27.40mbps But would be nice if viasat could get it a little higher espcially during the evening time from like 8-11