Updates to MyExede; MyESVT decommissioned

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When you look at your account on MyExede starting today, you’ll notice we’ve made some improvements to the site:

•          Simplified login screen

•          Better options for ‘forgot password’ tool

•          Overall improved look & feel

For those of you have been using the enhanced account management tool MyESVT, we need to let you know that this tool has been decommisioned. You’ll see many elements of this tool appear in a later version of the MyExede account portal, with a lot of those improvements thanks to the feedback we got from those of you using MyESVT. For technical reasons, it wasn't possible for the team working on this project to keep the MyESVT portal up at the same time they're revising the tool for use in MyExede. 

So what’s next? Part of the process of testing MyESVT has been to help us build EasyChat, a handy tool for getting instant account information that works within Facebook Messenger. EasyChat can take up a lot of the tasks MyESVT had. With EasyChat, you can now:

•          Get usage alerts

•          See your usage

•          Buy more data

•          Troubleshoot service

•          Restart your modem

•          Pay your bill

•          Get billing notifications

•          Start a live agent chat

•          Reschedule installation times (for new customers)


We understand isn’t an exact replacement for those of you who enjoyed the greater insight into your data with MyESVT. But hang in there —better things are just around the corner!

If you haven’t used EasyChat yet, give it a try on your browser here or on your mobile phone by opening the Facebook Messenger app and searching for ‘EasyChat.’ You’ll just need the phone number associated withyour Exede account to get started.

Learn more about EasyChat.

Text messaging

By the way: If you haven’t used SMS text yet for checking your data and other things, many of the same functions outline above forEasyChat are now available via text. Just type JOIN to 20715 to get started.


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Alex, Viasat Corporate Communications

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Posted 1 year ago

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Alex, the embedded link for MyExede has an issue (%20 appended to URL). What are our current options for a "modem side" speedtest similar to what we had we eSVT?  Anything?
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Steve Frederick-VS1/Beam314, Champion

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I am very disappointed to see eSVT be retired before a suitable replacement is made available to us, hopefully the new tool will be available in the near future. EasyChat has been a big disappointment to me.
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YEP EXACTLY !!  I do not use and never plan to use facebook
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Mistake.  I don't and won't use facebook and many other people that are serious about their security won't either.  Facebook is a huge data mining operation and anonymity is hard enough with the Internet let alone making it easy for them.  I would encourage TPTB in corporate to reconsider this decision.  Viasat is big enough that it doesn't need to depend on Zuckerpig for a platform here.

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wm4bama, Champion

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Alex please keep in mind that many of us do not own a smart phone...I don't even get a cell signal where I live...so please ask the developers to consider releasing a software tool that can be installed on our local computers that will provide all those functions without going through FaceBook.
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Paul Cappannari

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So that explains why I can not get to eSVT today.  I was looking for a quick analysis of my data consumption by category and am left in the dark.  Exede should provide a tool that does not rely on Facebook - which I will not use.  How about providing something the user community can directly access without soliciting tech support help?
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glad to see I am not alone on not using facebook, so people do still have common sense these days lol
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Steve Frederick-VS1/Beam314, Champion

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Ever since the eSVT tool was decommissioned, I have been trying to get my gross data usage by visiting the MyExede Dashboard, but more than half the attempts bring up the message "cannot access usage data, please try again later". There must be a bug in the software. I woks on occasion, but not on a regular basis.
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Bev, Champion

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Same for me though SMS and EasyChat both work every time. I assume the intermittent dashboard thing is related to the upgrades that are in progress.
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I agree with Bev.  Exede is doing background upgrades and preparing for ViaSat-2 so it will be a smooth transition for us to upgrade our plans.  You do need to shut off your car engine to change the oil.  Exede is making preparations for the better things to come and deserve our patience which will pay off in the coming months.
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exede should buy att's dsl and fiberoptic networks in rural areas since they do not use them anyways.
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Markgc, Champion

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Unfortunately the data usage meter on the new "tool" reads  up 100% and no more. I have no idea of my actual data usage now.  it's a bit like having a speedometer on your car that pegs at 30 mph. Once you leave the city you have no idea how fast you are travelling.
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Brad, Viasat Employee

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I'll see if I can get an update on the dashboard this morning. We know a great deal of you enjoyed the more in-depth detail that MyESVT gave you all but it was always a test tool and we're using all the feedback for a future tool. We're just kind of in that "in-between" phase so hang in there, it'll be worth the wait and patience. 
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thanks - after posting a question this thread info appeared
and answered my question
why isnt esvt available? grin thanks

 the dashboard has been off a lot over the years I have started with blue and swapped to viasat - excede.
things with connection have improved, sadly the data is being mysteriously used while my modem was off a few days
[so yeah the 24 hour update is null]
my guess is that everything internet based is subject to just messing up.  sigh
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Graham Drinkwater

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This is really important. I need to monitor usage by category. In the last 24 hours we 'used' 40 GB of data which took us to our 150 limit and we are now throttled. During those 24 hours we are out most of the time and experienced a power outage during peak time we would have used it. Knowing how difficult Exede support is in these circumstances, and not wanting the multiple hours of phone calls to try (and inevitably fail) to get it resolved I had to buy more data.
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Hi Graham
yeah the call and call until you get someone that listens and will do what they can is very time consuming. [often fruitless]
 you might try writing
and tell them your issues. I have gotten responses from this that are helpful.
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Nancy Wegner

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This is the most ridiculous change to make--removing a mostly useful and informative tool and replacing it with Text messages??? That's like moving 5 years worth of technology backwards. Have you looked at your competitor's tool? Today, everything is about visual, fast and MORE information--not less. I've already told you over the phone that I thought this was a bad idea and I was really hoping you would keep the old tool available, despite the warnings that I kept receiving in the tool. Whether it was a test tool or not is not significant--you should have kept it out there UNTIL you had something better to offer. I have used your text service once when I was having issues. You know what it replied back? You are not having issues and call tech support for more help. Yep, that was useful--NOT. It is absolutely ridiculous to remove a tool that was working and replacing it with archaic technology. And I don't know if there is still a restriction and I don't really care, but when I signed up for texts, it said I had a 20 text monthly limit. What? I can't even text once/day to check on usage or issues? It's worthless anyway, so it doesn't really matter, but it just adds to the anger and frustration. And as for a Facebook messenger tool, forget that. I don't live and die by Facebook and don't plan to. I am very disappointed. While you've made some improvements to offerings, this just makes me want to say "No, I wouldn't recommend your service" to anyone. 
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Steve Frederick-VS1/Beam314, Champion

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I see that several people have commented that they will absolutely not have Facebook for a variety of reasons. You can have a Facebook account without posting anything on it, without putting up any photos, information, or whatever bothers you about it. But you can have an account and use the EasyChat function to get your data usage, account status, reset your modem remotely, and see if there are problems with your modem, gateway, etc.

My sister never wanted to be a part of the "Facebook World" either, being one of the senior citizens who aren't "into" the social media era. She doesn't even have access to the internet at her home, because all she uses the internet for is email. She takes her Kindle with her on her walks, and when she gets outside the local library, she will stop and check her email. She opened a Facebook account solely to get faster access to her email, since it was a long process to sign into the library's internet to get to her gmail account than using her Facebook account to access her gmail. I don't understand why the library sign on connection to get to her mail is so much more involved than going through FB, but apparently it is.

Use EasyChat until the new tool goes on line, just get a FB account, and not use it for anything but a way to use EasyChat.
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Bev, Champion

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Probably the network she uses allows on click sign on with Facebook, so it's really doing the same thing, but using her FB account instead of her typing in so much information.
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thank you Steve this sounds like good information. and a good suggestion about fb?

 I have been on fb off and on awhile and it seemed that even with my input being very little. That facebook sent me a load of data in ads and recommendations and requests for me to put in more to complete the profile or to seek friends send game suggestions or to present more advertisements in video or flash or some other images and sounds that load - even tho I have adblocker - the fb would send alternates to bypass my ad filter and I noticed the new ad format and need to block/filter that out as well.
 ridding the list of any friends that game was a help in reducing those game requests. [however my friends did not send those requests to me, but fb auto sends them to everyone on their list] bummer

 it has been awhile since I have spent more than a few minutes on fb without them sending me more presentations/ads/recommendations.
 I have gone into FB settings to stop the auto play video, but after awhile that becomes ineffective in stopping all the video from playing.
 I know it might not be in FB tradition, But is there a way to block ALL the images of FB? and still be able to use the EasyChat service?

 I did like the FB sharing with the family and few friends.
However all the stuff that FB shares seems to load me up.

 I can see why there are many folks that would like to avoid facebook for the ton of things they share with you.

it would be helpful to know better ways to block the fb "extras" and still be able to use the easy chat features to see how useful they might be.

  thank you