Unresolved issue, going on 6 months

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Can’t keep connectivity for about 6 months. Eveytime I call tech support I get excuses or band aid fixes. Today a technician finally came out and said he replaced the tria and some of the connector cables outside, plus installed a new modem. 10 minutes after he left, my service went offline again and I spent an hour or more on the phone with another technical support person, who can’t figure out whats going on. I am beyond frustrated and ready to look for another provider.
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Teresa McDermott

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Posted 1 year ago

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Sounds like alot of us , A good number of us is looking into mobile hotspots to finally get away from satellite , Maybe its something that can help you out as well if you get ok to decent cell coverage in your area , Totally worth checking into if you cant get anything other than dialup or sat where you live , id check into the verizon jetpacks with the unlimited plan 
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Have you had the modem replaced at all?  What's the modem plugged into, power strip, surge protector, UPS, etc?  Is there a pattern that you've noticed?
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Teresa McDermott

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Yes the technician replaced the modem yesterday. I have plugged it into the wall then into a power strip. Took the router off and plugged the modem straight into my laptop. I’ve tried everything.
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Might be power issues. You might need to try plugging a UPS, not just a cheap power strip. You can get a low end UPS (with power monitoring) fairly reasonable.
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I had the same issue and it was the ethernet cable.  I could finagle with the cable and the unit would give me a blue light within minutes.  This was new equipmment too.  I contacted Viasat and told them and they said they.couldn't replace the cable but could credit me on my bill an allowance so I could buy a new one.  We are back in business. They were great to deal with.  You sometimes have to diagnose and troubleshoot the stuff yourself.  Price of living in the boonies.  
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Teresa, Please send me an email at browser@viasat.com that includes your account number and/or phone number associated with the account and I will escalate this issue.  Thanks! 
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Teresa McDermott

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Done. Still can’t get connected; I feel like I have talked to every Viasat employee in the past week. I’m going to explore other options because this is b—-t.
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SH**TY service everywhere, I cannot even get mine stayed on! It goes to the white light and I do call after call with customer support. I'm always getting a rude GUY and can't understand him 50% of the TIME. VERY INFURIATING!
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Brenda, Les't see what we can do to get this fixed for you.  Please send an email with our account and contact information to viasatlistens@viasat.com and include your issue in detail.  Thanks!
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Mine is 100% better. I got new cables and the dish moved. Now it never even blinks. I’m happy with it now . :)