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So after playing around a little, most video streaming seems to work well. YouTube and like sites all stream smoothly. The one thing I’ve found so far that refuses to stream without buffering and stuttering is iTunes videos. Tried a number of different videos all with the same result. Anyone else found other specific sites that don’t seem to like the 480p optimization? Maybe just a coincidence, but I suspect we will run into some bugs for a while. I know there are some work around to most optimizations, but I would actually just prefer it to work smoothly at 480p.
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iTunes doesn't appear to provide adaptive video streaming - instead, as I recall it automatically streams video at the highest quality provided for a specific video at last check.

Current thoughts are that Exede "optimization" is nothing more than throttling of detected video streams to a lower speed, the content provider detects the lower speed, and streams a lower quality video targeting that speed for smooth playback. If any content provider doesn't perform adaptive streaming or even delivers at a higher resolution your you will likely experience stuttering.

On iTunes itself and for anyone experiencing stuttering, try setting your video preferences to a lower quality or auto if available (the equivalent of 480P in their terminology - different terminology s used by different providers). report back and let us know if it helps and will assist in letting us solve the mystery of this "optimization".

All indications thus far is suggest that it is traffic shaping and throttling being applied to influence the content provider's choice of resolution and is applied only to "detected" video streams - that seems to be consistent with the disclaimer in the actual policy published for the Unlimited Plans - "Not all video sources are identifiable and some video sources may stream at a higher quality."

FWIW and as an aside, some users here (xode for one) , do this "optimization" using a virtual machine and throttling all speed on their virtual network adapter to achieve the same result aimed at saving data overall, toggling the speed to their current needs. I'm not ambitious enough to do this but may be forced to with the next release of Firefox which will drop support for an add-on I use for much the same purpose - a number of add-ons will be dropped if they are not upgraded to the newer Firefox standards.
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I was hoping this wouldn’t be a problem with my Apple TV. I’ll have to go back in and check but I don’t think you can’t set streaming rates with apples’s box. I know historically here, when streaming with the Apple TV, it always consumed more data than anything else I had (Xbox or ps4). Admittedly my sample size was kind of small since I really couldn’t stream much video off of my old plan but I had stopped using the Apple TV because of the data it was consuming. I had really bought it for AirPlay so it worked great for that but I was looking forward to using it for normal uses going forward.
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I found this link on Apple support site for Apple TV and the video streaming options you can choose in the setup menu. https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT203422.  The key part is
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I appreciate you pointing that out. I personally opted for the 720 package so I could still view things in “HD”. In my specific case I don’t know that this will help me unfortunately. It should definitely help people with apple TVs and the 480 plan however.

My modem came in the mail today so I’ll get it hooked up tonight and see how it goes over the weekend.