Unlimited plan V.S. 25 Gig plan?

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I'm currently on a 25 Gig 5 Megabit plan and am considering switching to an Unlimited one.  The most important thing to me is that I can access devices at the Viasat location from other locations.   Currently I am getting constant "network resets" that only go away for a short period of time after I reset the "modem".

So my questions are as follows:

Do the Unlimited plans prevent access to devices via the Viasat network like Hughes does?

Are the download speeds throttled only when 1080p or 1080i HD is streaming limiting video to 720p after 150gig?

Are the Unlimited plans more stable (eliminating the network resets) than the 25 Gig 5 Megabit plan, worse or the same?

I'm fed up with paying $10 a gig for extra data but I need to retain access to my local devices which I can't give up if switching to a new plan will prevent that.

Anybody have any answers on these questions?  By the way this became a pain in the back side to post as Viasat isn't compatible with my browser Opera and I had to switch to Chromium to even get re-Captcha images to show so I could select them.  Sheesh!
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You are on a Viasat plan now?
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All Viasat plans allow outside access to devices on your home network through port forwarding. Not sure of the port forwarding capabilities of the Viasat combination modem/router devices, but they do support bridge mode and you can continue to use your existing router (sounds like you're currently on an Exede 5 augmented beam right  now with a classic 25 GB plan and standalone modem but only guessing).

Purportedly HughesNet utilizes carrier-grade NAT (CGNAT) which prevents port forwarding although there are some workarounds discussed over in the HughesNet community. Perhaps GabeU can clarify that.

Only current Viasat-2 plan that offers 150GB data usage threshold is Platinum at $200 per month. If available to you consider yourself lucky. Data usage thresholds drop significantly for lesser plans as does video quality. Shop wisely and carefully consider whether you want to give up that free 0000 - 0500 free zone if the case.
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Question would also be do you utilize the free zone?
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Determining your plan options is a choice to make as far as which data thresholds and/or free zone plans most closely meet your needs.
There are no IP level differences between residential plans that I have experienced.

Needing modem resets to reestablish remote access is a new one on me.
I would look closer at your router
Other than modem IP changing from time to time and you have DDNS service running or other tactic, you shouldn't have any remote access problems if you have opened port(s) corectly