Unlimited plan not available to existing customers --- Unethical!!

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I am an existing customer who has had Excede/Viasat Internet service for several years. I have been on the highest available plan in my area since I received the service. A new neighbor (50 ft away) moved in last month and signed up for Viasat internet service. They purchased the Silver 25 Unlimited plan. I called the Transitions department at Viasat this morning, and was told it is not available to me!! I have been waiting for an unlimited plan since day 1, but keep getting the run-around from Viasat saying it is not available in my area. Now, I am told that the unlimited plan was pulled last week due to 'high congestion.' Supposedly, the plans were offered since October, but the option to upgrade never showed up on my ‘dashboard’ as available. I think this is a disgraceful, unethical business practice to lure new customers with a cheaper unlimited plan, and not allow the existing customers to upgrade, even though we were told that we can upgrade at any time. Rest assured I will be looking for another option for my service, even if it costs more if this is the unethical business practices that Excede/Viasat are going to promote. 

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Posted 4 weeks ago

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Totally agree with you.
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There have been all sorts of problems with new plans not showing on the dashboard.

Go to Viasat.com and see what plans are available to new customers. You should see more plans than what you see in the dashboard.

Pick what you want and then send an email to Viasatlistens@viasat.com requesting to change to the new plan.

That email address goes straight to corporate. They can do a lot more for you than someone on the phone in a call center.
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I sent the post to the email you suggested. We'll see if I get a response. I'm not holding my breath. In the meantime, I will be posting on every satellite review post I can find. 
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If people are un happy with viasat they have the right too vent with out being bashed .in other words move on.But not easy too do. they (viasat or Hughesnet ) 2 year deal So your at there mercy. So being people that ticks them off. Your stuck then you get mad. I understand. no matter were you go. might have the same old thing not happy
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Everyone has a right to their opinion, your response should either be an attempt to help or if you can't manage that then get lost
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The 2 year contract could be eliminated with an installation fee. But that would be expensive upfront. Marketing.
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you dont want unlimited, it slows down too much.
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VeteranSat User: Saying Excede is better than Viasat because you had both is a large generality. For many people Viasat works well, but for some of us, Viasat was fraudulent in sales and does not work well due to local congestion issues. Hugesnet may be better depending upon the location. 
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I'm not sure ethics are really a play here. Each beam on viasat 1 have different levels of congestion. Bandwidth is per beam and not shared in the way viasat 2 is/will be. They are working to get viasat 2 up and working. While their rollout has been extremely poor its mostly been due to unexpected malfunctions that have not been in their control. Ethically they have two sets of people to tend to. They have to tend to their customers but also have to tend to their shareholders. Where available they have expanded these plans to the benefit of shareholders (and some customers) and they lack the bandwidth they are trying to maintain a certain level of customer service. While your neighbor may have sold their capacity.
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Any news yet about changing plans?  Has Viasat emailed you back?
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Update: Viasat emailed a response within 24 hours. To keep from being accused by some of 'trashing' Viasat, I have copied their responses verbatim. See for yourself:

V - "Thank you for reaching out to us.

I understand your frustration.  The Unlimited plans were available until recently.  As promotions change, plans are added and removed from availability.  Sometimes, not all plans are available to existing customers, and the opposite can be true at times as well.

You're correct, over the past few months, available plans have not been showing on the customer dashboard, an issue that is being worked on currently.  Information on available plans are always available by calling into Customer Care at 855-463-9333."

- At this point I indicated that the unlimited plans were still listed on the internet as available for my area code, but we were not allowed to upgrade as told by customer service. Also, we had several conversations over the phone with them and that it appeared these plans were not offered to existing customers by design, regardless of congestion or my 'dashboard not updating properly.' This was confirmed in the below reply.

V - "I am saying one of several ways customers can learn this information is not currently working.  The other paths, such as calling into Customer Care, are active.  As I stated, the team responsible for the customer dashboard is working on the issue.

There are currently different promotions available for existing customers vs new customersUnlimited plans are currently unavailable for existing customers."

- I responded back with a question as to whether existing customers were allowed to transfer to the unlimited plans during the period these plans were offered to new customers. I also asked for the contact information of someone in authority so I could discuss the situation. I have received no reply for 2 days, and don't expect to hear from them again. As you can see above, they were not trying to resolve the situation, only offer excuses. It is obvious to me that they used the unlimited plans to appeal to new customers without allowing existing customers in the exact same location to upgrade. This is directly against the information provided at sign-up when we were told that the unlimited plans were coming to our area, and we could upgrade soon. So you can call it what you want, but Viasat is certainly not being fair to their existing customers. Hughes doesn't appear to offer any better options presently for my area, but hopefully they don't purposely mislead their customers. If you think I'm the only one, check out the Better Business Bureau website showing "99% negative customer reviews." 

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i pay $160 for unlimited..ouch..and its not so fast...in fact it can be turtle slow a lot of the times
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exedespecials.com is operated by a local dealer, not by Viasat.  Any information you find there may be misleading or out of date, take it with a grain of salt.
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I am a consumer. I pay full price for my Viasat internet service, and it is great.
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I don't recall anybody getting on Viasat-2 in January, espcially since it wasn't open yet to consumer subs at that time.
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Something's not adding up here... look at the domain registration for exedespecials.com.

While it shows I can get an actual Viasat-2 unlimited plan - still not tempted to become a new old customer ;)