Unlimited data concerns

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I was very impress for the first 1o years I could watch Netflix search internet I had 70 mug ? 12-5 freeThe I wanted VOI was talked into the unlimited 60 plan. I was told with this plan after you reach this number the speed would slow down According to the numbers of people accessing the beam in your areaYou won’t even notice it being slow That was a out right lie. At one week it stopped not slowed down dead in the waterCalled service and was told you used up you allowed 60 mgh and nothing you can doThe records showed for two days you system was accessed for 24 hours a day you uses up all of you service in one weekThese was wrong not even home during the day, system will reset on June 12. Several more call with no help from the Teck department Told by teck on Sunday a week ago and he sent the issue to corporate office, no response. More calls told I could get a one time only reset but wait for the response from corporate what a lie againOnly could give 5 mgh but nowI used 80 mgh that may not do you any good what can’t even use the service to set up my excess phone programsNow I’m using my Verizon internet on my phone to access internet on contact Excede What an unbelievable company asked if I could buy time line I had with my last plan NO was the answer no other plan in your area 15o mgh is only offered in the big city where they have more clients Going to contact FCC regarding this issue Unlimited data is a BIG LIEThis is false advertising
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Always remember, the big print giveth, the small print taketh away. 

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Verizon has the same terms on their 'unlimited' plan. Viasat is not alone in wordsmithing 'unlimited'. You must have Roku or Chromecast or ??? Streaming 24x7. Just because the TV is off these devices keep sucking data until you turn them off.
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Not just Verizon, but other carriers too. It has gotten so bad, a carrier is offering "truly unlimited". That caps I believe at 35GB. Sprint says no tethering.

4G just isn't robust enough to be the primary source of internet for a home, IMHO.
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Sprint Unlimited comes with a 10 GB hotspot and, is deproritized after 23 GB each month. We have Sprint Unlimited. Fortunately, it's for my truck driver husband's benefit and, outside major cities, at truck stops, that deprioritized means very little. He streams HD and other internet uses to the tune of about 400 GB per month on average.

Now in major cities, 4 bars LTE and, even web pages fail to load after 23 GB - have to be on an underutilized tower for it to work well after 23 GB.