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Last month, the entire month, my speeds hovered around 1-3mbps, or LESS. "Congestion" si all I am told, not MY problem if YOU cannot handle the amount of customers you have.
Interestingly enough , the only time I got decent speeds was when I went over my data limit and was on speed restriction. Then I got 6-8MBPS.
Now I am back to 1-3MBPS since data reset.
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J.W. Hyre

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Posted 5 years ago

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Someone should bring back AOL dial up and compare the two companies. Dial up is a dead technology so no one is using it. In this case AOL would probably come out on top. No joke.
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Well that's interesting that if you went over your data limit got good speeds. Wish that would happen for everyone when they get dapped. (smiles)
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No my speeds slow down to almost dial up speeds. I can tether my phone and get better service after we reach the data cap.
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Hello J.W. Hyre, thank you for reaching out to us. This is definitely not the impression we like our customers to have. We truly apologize about the slow speeds you’ve experience. Please feel free to you send your account and contact info to so we can further look into your speed issue for you. Thank you
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I have had this issue since July. It seems like there are to many customers with this same issue. I had to pay for an Exede Tech person to come out today  ( after I had my own tech guy test everything to make sure it was not my setup/router)~ speed seems better ~ we'll see if the speed remains. I heard every excuse in the book from Satellite maintenance to congestion ~ I was even given a lesson on how far out the satellite is  (really) and also told by customer service - Oh Well ~ Oh Well ~ doesn't exactly work when my lively hood depends on the internet WORKING.  My bill with the tech expenses will be over $200.00. I am really upset too.
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J.W. - You didn't say what plan you are on, but judging by your complaint I will guess you are on a 12Mbps plan.  Congestion issues normally follow a daily cycle with low speeds occurring in the evenings.  I am on a very congested beam, but can often do 18-20Mbps in the mornings, which drops to 2-3Mbps in the evenings.  If your speeds are slow all the time (and you aren't in data restriction) then there is a problem with your satellite equipment, router or computer configuration. If you call customer service in the morning on a weekday, I don't see how they can say it is congestion at that time of day.  If you look at your modem status at, what is your Rx SNR?  If it is less than 5 and you have clear skies, you may have a dish alignment problem (but customer service should be able to see that even better than you can).
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Will someone explain the Mbps? I don't understand it. I did a and these are some of my numbers.

2:30 Ping 721 DL Speed 8.37 UP Speed 2.87
2:31 " 807 5.55 2.21
2:54 33 18.04 3.25
2:59 720 18.45 4.05
3:30 720 19.55 4.01
1:21 am 715 15.47 4.29
1:22 am 682 16.07 3.59

My internet service has been so bad lately and actually over the last year. I have the 10Mbps plan if that helps. If it rains or if rain is in another state even the service is especially bad. Today it is slightly overcast and sunny out and when I get on facebook or any site my internet stalls out, stops, and gets going again....BUT this happens ALL THE TIME making searching, surfing, or anything near impossible. Anyone have any ideas on how to make my internet work better? I have had a tech out and he can't find anything wrong ... but he was out both times on a sunny clear day.
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If your service is that touchy I think your dish is not aimed correctly.  It sounds like it is on the borderline of not getting any signal at all.

Here are screenshots of my system, less personally identifiable info...

Note the green check marks and signal levels, they are all good.  Yours should be approximately  the same.

Go to web address to see your status(s).

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We have also been experiencing SLOW speeds (~5-6Mbps) after midnight and during the day. We are NOT on slowed speed and are on the 12 Mbps plan. It has been this way for at least a week. Our modem appears to be fine, but the slowed speed after midnight is wearing thin. Also I am not able to view anything in MyExede. It starts to load and then says I no longer have access to MyExede. What is up with that? Who do I need to speak with to get that fixed?
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Maybe your beam is congested.

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