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 I have been on the Evolution 10 Gb plan for over 2 years. I have used up my data cap EVERY month but am still able to access all web sites after going through my data cap and still enjoy reasonably good speeds as well. Starting 3 days ago, everything changed. I can no longer access web sites such as ncaa.com, cbsnew.com, foxnews.com, espn.com, etc. It is not an issue of slow speed because when I try to navigate to these web pages I immediately get the message "This web page cannot be reached". In other words, it is not a situation where it "times out" due to slow speeds. In fact, the speed of the Exede service right now is the same as it has been in the past when I have gone through my data cap.
If you review the Exede terms for the Evolution plan, it specifically states that when you exceed your data cap, the restrictions on service "will not apply to web page access".
I called Exede tech service when this started issue three days ago and the first thing the rep did is remind me that I had used up all my data and I was welcome to buy more. I reviewed the above facts with him and he then backed off this solution. After trying a few things without success, he noted that there were some issues with the beam I am on and that maybe when that problem was fixed my problem would go away. We agreed to give it a day or two. The problem persists.
This AM I called Exede again and once again, the rep tried to attribute the problem to the fact that I had used up all my data and that I was welcome to buy more (grrrr!). Went through the same thing with her. She placed me on hold after which she came back and acknowledged that other Evolution plan members are calling in with the same problem as mine and that their people are working to resolve the issue. I politely reminded her that we are now in the 4th day and I hope that they are able to get it fixed soon. 
My frustration is that the reps I spoke with do not even understand how the Evolution plan is supposed to work nor do they seem to be in the loop on known problems with their system. 
At any rate, hopefully they get it fixed soon....
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Posted 3 years ago

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Just an FYI, I too am on the Evolution plan.  Same here with all the sudden when over my limit nothing is working like it used to.  Even my email on my phone won't open.  Used 6 gigs in 26 days in the billing cycle then 2 days later I used the remaining 4.  Doesnt make since.

Fast forward to today as I have been working late (and not using anymore internet then usual) and I chat with the reps.  First rep on chat was looking at my data usage and magically now there is a 2 minute time limit if they dont respond you get disconnected which I did.

I chat again right away.  Second rep tells me that the usual I have used all my data statements and tells me that they have had a "software update" that has recategorized the data to better understand usage. So I am not getting away with getting free stuff I wasnt supposed to was her words.  Though I havent changed anything and dont even do that much steaming.  Then I asked well is this when my data shot up and was told sorry we cant see your data usage anymore to pinpoint with the new software...so appears they are stealing data from us and using the excuse they cannot see it.

Was also told that pictures and such do count towards your data allowance now.  Even though the site says evolution plans dont count embedded pictures I was told in fact they do.  I told her is she talking about uploaded photos she said no all photos, and if you email has photos then that counts to and reduces your speed.  Was told to that even though I have evolution that I do not indeed have unlimited browsing and email as stated because people on the network that havent used all their data gets priority and I will have periods where i cannot access internet.

So seems to me they have completely changed things and not providing services they promised.  Just wanted to let everyone no my experience today.  Hughesnet now has smartbrowsing that allows use of webmail and pages when over the limit, I will be looking at them today also.
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You may not have changed the plan but you have definitely changed the plan,  As Bruce has stated even normal news websites will not work, i cant even get email which is supposed to work to open on my phone.  To be honest my phone wont even pull in emails on exede now.  Also I am going on what your rep told me, pretty much its been re categorized and you are now as she put not getting away with data usage I wasnt supposed to and also her words the speeds are even slower now because we were getting away with faster speeds...seems like they dont want us to have the evolution anymore.  And all this coming from your reps who said that nothing is unrestricted anymore and it will all count...Just saying per your link: (note that it doesnt mention that pictures on websites will count even though YOUR rep says otherwise.

What does ‘unlimited access to web pages and email’ really mean? It means that webpages will fully load and email will completely send/receive at full speed no matter how much other stuff your household does on the internet. Most web pages include a lot of static content (pictures, text, graphics and backgrounds). With Exede Evolution, we ensure that the critical components of most web pages will be usable at the full speeds you’ve come to expect from Exede.
Streaming media like online videos and music are sometimes found embedded within certain websites. If you go over your data allowance, these items will be restricted from playing on those web pages.  However, you’ll find that the rest of the web page functions as you’d expect. Here are just a few examples of what you’ll be able to do with unlimited access to web pages and email:

Well that would make since about the videos and music on websites, but per your website the rest should work fine yet the page doesnt load at all...so again you never answered why pages wont load even though they should...THESE ARE REGULAR WEBSITES...not youtube or netflix
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Dear Old Labs,

It is commendable (and brave) of you to come to the defense of Diana the Exede employee.

Like Tim, I was becoming convinced that Diana is a bot. Perhaps you did not read my original post and her reply but that is the basis for much of my frustration and also my suspicion that she might be a bot. 

Here is her reply with my comments interspersed..... 

HI Burce,  I'm sorry you are having issues with the plan. If you are data restricted, your speeds will be slowed.

(As I mentioned in my original post, I have used up my data cap every month for the past 24 months so I know that speeds are reduced at that point.)


 The data meter has re-categorized certain content from web browsing to streaming video.

(Was this re-categorization an intended change by Exede or a mistake? Why would sites like Fox News and CBS News be categorized as streaming video?)


If you are in data restriction and your speeds are slowed, this may be the reason. 

(More than once in this thread there was word-for-word reference to Exede’s terms that, once Evolution plan users exceed the data cap, embedded videos will be restricted from playing but the rest of the web page functions normally.)

What web pages are you trying to access?

(I gave four examples in my original post!)


Is it video, or an audio web page?

(See the four web page examples in the original post. None of them are video or audio web pages.)


If you are data restricted, the speeds have been slowed and it may not be accessible. This is how the plan is designed to work.

(This statement is clearly contradictory to the terms published by Exede. I have at least three separate items from Exede documenting this including this taken from an email I received earlier this week...”You will notice your service is now in restriction, and your speeds greatly reduced. These restrictions will not apply to web page access and email usage (with attachments less than 25 MB), which will be maintained at full speeds.”  )


Please send an email to exedelistens@viasat.com and we'll review your account and your data.

(I did send an email and received a reply from Exede that I would get an answer within 24 hours. That did not happen).


Note that a user who posted in another thread and I were both told during phone calls to Exede that the inability to access certain web pages (that should be accessible according to Exede’s TOS) is a known problem and that Exede is working to resolve it. Others have been told that what we are experiencing is the way that it is supposed to work (see Diana’s reply as an example). If there is a problem on which they are working as opposed to  “new rules”, then why are all customer service personnel not made aware of this so that all customers are getting the correct story.

And, to add additional frustration, Diana has offered a solution in this thread as well as other threads on this topic that consists of merely buying more data. I think anyone posting here is already aware that we have the option of buying more data and for her to suggest that as a solution to the problem we are experiencing is condescending to say the least. 

So, although I understand that Diana may not be in a position to solve the problem, it would be helpful if she would acknowledge that our symptoms may be evidence of an Exede problem as opposed to representing that everything is working like it is supposed to and that we just need to buy more data when we use up our allowance. Perhaps she needs more training in how to prepare a proper response to customer complaints and, based on my experience, she needs to read posts a bit more carefully so that she is not asking for information that was already provided in the original post. That is why me and others here are suspicious of whether she is a real person. 

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