Trump signs executive order expanding broadband internet ?

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what does this mean if anything? more companies? less restrictions on other companies?
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Posted 2 years ago

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Probably means better internet for urban and suburban folks. For people out in the sticks it means very little.
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The intent is to simply remove barriers to broadband deployment and investment on federal lands/facilities (it's not a direct investment in infrastructure - that requires congress and a budget, while this action only required a pen).
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It means better Internet for everyone, including the people who hate him.
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With our plans we should fall within this order I personally don't think that this will change much on our end. I believe the last time an initiative like this came out the recovery plan was offered in addition to what we had already in place.  As always, Viasat plans to comply with all laws regarding internet service and availability.
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It's just an executive order and memorandum - no law is involved:

To implement this policy and enable sustainable rural broadband infrastructure projects, executive departments and agencies (agencies) should seek to reduce barriers to capital investment, remove obstacles to broadband services, and more efficiently employ Government resources.

Simply looking to minimize red tape and get government bureaucrats out of the way - one of the major overall objectives of this administration. As long as the snaildarters are protected, I'm good with it...
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heh pre-caffeine reply (still early over here!).  Now that I've been able to skim through it a bit I think this is more aimed at  DSL/Cable to expand their infrastructure.  It's a good water cooler discussion none-the-less on what could come from it. It's not even 24 hours old so it's a fun topic.  The very definition of Broadband is reportedly being debated to be re-defined so that's always an interesting news item to follow as well. 
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I looked at it as a way to promote fixed wireless. Gaining access to certain prime spots for towers should be easier now.
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According to DeAnn Vaught, my representative and, a good friend, the intention is fixed wireless and cell towers in more semi rural locations, Like Yarborough Landing, Arkansas, as an example. Nothing for absolute rural customers like me where the number of subscribers wouldn't justify the cost of the infrastructure required to provide service.

So yeah, a few smaller rural communities might see some alternatives to satellite internet but, not us isolated folks that actually have a few acres of land, just places where 400-500 houses are clustered on city sized lots that don't have alternatives now.
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It actually is a means to shuffle money around.  The government will subsidize companies to expand broadband internet.  The companies come up with elaborate plans for broadband expansion to get that funding, use that capital for a few years, then claim the broadband expansion is unfeasible and are required to return the funds.  They get a couple of years use of the funds before having to return the money.
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Unfortunately this is most likely the outcome. Over the years I have seen s few signs indicating a broad band development area but several years later nothing other than a plan had been developed.

But I don’t think the money gets returned, just a plan that met the requirement of the contract. Some tech company made some money but nothing was actually delivered to change the coverage.

Back in the 20’s or 30’s rural electrical coops were actually developed, Internet, politicians don’t really care.