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Tired of being ripped off...this company took billions in government stimulus packages that kept out companies that wouldn't have a data cap from providing a better service..tired of over priced below acceptable service getting ripped off and no attempts to resolve the issues...looking to start or join a class action lawsuit!!to get back some of the money that has been stolen from us customers! Have watched for over a month now our modem will not automatically reboot causing my data to be used when in the free zone and when throttled which seems to come to quickly and unrealistically we cant even use the so called free zone i pay for . ...i have called wrote tickets and still the issue has never been fixed...tired of rude and argumentative tech support that cant even fix the problem who tell me it is my free zone so i am not paying for it, but i am paying for it otherwise all their packages would have the free zone available not just this one.also tired of being told me to call when a higher up tech is there...but they never are there!!! we get kicked off all the time with this fictional contract agreement stating about maintenance which i have read and never even signed, and nowhere does it talk of maintenance, but it does talk of compensation and fast fixing of problems that mess up your service...both which if this so called contract i never signed is to stand they are in breach of their own contract and stealing my data and money for that data!! this is a scam and needs to be stopped...we were lied to when the service was installed...and they didn't even install it properly the first time they had to come back and fix it which took them a week to even do... im tired of these dial-up speeds at broadband prices and can see many of you feel the same so i am serious...class action lawsuit time...
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You'd first need to establish and prove that you didn't electronically sign the customer agreement, which would negate the contract.

That same fictional contract (located at has a binding arbitration clause preventing class actions - those binding arbitration clauses have been upheld by the courts (as recently as May 1016 with an AT&T case).

I'm really surprised that dealers and installers don't provide a paper agreement at the time of install, have it signed by both, and keep a copy for themselves simply to protect themselves - mine did for that purpose and a physical signature on paper is the only way to establish non-repudiation ( prevent claims of I didn't sign that) for most consumers.   
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I never got       paper agreement But happy with exude. the guy made a mistake wasn't too install mine tell the next day. So it was a rush job his boss called him were are you. your at the wrong place
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Nick, a better solution would be to email us at and let us look into your service to see what's going on.
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Are you kidding? Thats way too simple...
I have been a customer for quite a while now. I haven't had near the problems as a lot of people have. I have the Freedom Plan 150gb and have never used 1/2 that. But is I change plans I may not get it back should I want to come back. If I am forced to downgrade I will have to find someone else although I would hate to have to do that because if I need help with something I always get an American I can speak too not some raghead or someone you can't understand and they can't understand what you are saying...Thanks EXEDE for keeping it AMERICAN.
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Exedelistens: we have emailed and called every night this when are ya'll going to listen and fix the problem!!!
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Same with us W4DRA.  Very happy with Exede and can only use no more than half of our data plan.  Some of these people must live on the internet!
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Hi Nick,

With the email I show linked to your forum account I do not show that in our Exede Listens inbox. If you're emailing our front line you're not in communication to those of us in the corporate office monitoring this forum. Please make sure those emails are going directly to 

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