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I am considering filing a lawsuit due to the tremendous amount of spam I receive on my Wildblue email address. I have used the the suggested avoidance procedures and seem to get more not less...Are you selling these addresses? Same 20-30 a day and "unsubscribe" doesn't work on any of them. Lower unsubscribe info in "from" window is bogus...no such address, etc. I don't have this problem with any of my other providers!!
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Posted 2 years ago

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   Most SPAM emails come form sites where  customers are entering their email to get free trials or memberships from websites. Those  sites sell and distribute your email to other companies.
   I created a "Junk Mail" account (you are able to create multiple Wildblue/Exede email accounts) and use the "Junk" address for filling out websites and such. That way  all the SPAM from those companies get sent to an email you don't actively use/see. Try this method and see if it helps (NOTE: Since the SPAM companies already have that  current email you may need to create a new one to use for your main mail...sorry).
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I've had a hotmail account I've used for years that is my "junk" account. I check it occasionally to clear it out but for the most part it's just there to collect spam. Only trusted companies get my gmail account, exede being one of them. With that said, I get very little spam in my gmail account and Exede has had that email for years. So they're not the cause of the spam that anyone is receiving. 
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I use Wildblue email for my primary account, and I get fewer than 3 spam emails a month. Deathgod is correct in that most spam mail is actually spawned by the user without them realizing it. Newsletters, many websites that you make online purchases through, etc, can be the cause. Exede/ViaSat/Wildblue does not sell their subscriber's email addresses.
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I am curious as to why anyone decides to use the email provided by their ISP.
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I use it because IMHO free email domains like Hotmail.com, google.com, yahoo.com make me look cheap or poor, like I can't afford home internet and use free internet. I am more leery of any email I receive form a free mail domain than those from the domain of a known ISP.

Free accounts can be thrown away easily, the let you hide with the provider having little information about who actually owns the account. ISP email not so, It says you are a customer of theirs and, if it ever came to legal action, the ISP knows exactly who you are - not as likely to try to pull scams or anything illegal form an ISP email.
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Personally I have one but I do not use it at all. I used to use my Yahoo email as spam but Gmail is really effective especially with dividing social and promotional emails (still terrible on mobile if I go a few days without clearing unread stuff). I'm also 100% not shilling for them by any means or suggesting people go to them... just putting an opinion out but they really do have a better grasp than some of the others it seems.
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Dethgod is spot-on. We are not the ones sending the spam. Almost any interaction on a website may unknowingly cause it. Even if I'm window shopping on Amazon or a few hobby sites I always get a email minutes later saying "Hey if you like that item check this one out!!", A pizza place I ordered from once routinely sends me coupons, random giveaway contests on hobby sites or concert ticket giveaways still email. It's something that happens. The "junk email" address is a great idea.

Unfortunately Zimbra isn't as effective as Google was a year ago when we were using them but due to Google ending email services for us and all ISPs we had to use another provider. Reporting the spam will only improve Zimbra's spam filters but it's by no means an overnight fix. Google meanwhile offers a free gmail address account if you want the old features prior to last year's email migration.

Keep in mind that the email we offer is a free and optional service. It's just something we offer but there's not a lot that we can do in the way of spam unfortunately since it's mostly user-created (albeit incidentally) 
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Since I discovered the "BLOCK" button with my LIVE and HOTMAIL accounts, my spam has been reduced to a tiny trickle.
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Hi Wyngs,  Thank you for your feedback.  It is welcomed and appreciated.
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  Thanks for all your comments but.....I don't use my Wildblue address at all!!  That is why I don't understand how all these spammers got the address and keep sending me crap !   I have two other accounts that I do use for browsing, banking, etc....and seldom if ever get spam on them.  By the way, I have two sons that know computers, one in IT, the other a programmer...if they lived nearby I'm sure they would figure out a way to block it.  I'm just thoroughly disgusted with the way the filters DON'T work.
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It possibly didn't take but hitting "Unsubscribe" once for the spammer to know that they had a valid email address and begin selling your address along with others. I'm sure some of the ones your address was sold to are selling it too. Snowball effect. You need an email address with good spam filters and write the Wildblue one off.
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The server WildBlue mail is on now is apparently still learning what is and is not spam, the more people that mark spam, the faster it learns. I'd say, mark spam, unsubscribe form legitimate but unwanted news letters, survey sites and such and, mark the rest so the system learns.
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And, Stop threatening to sue someone every time something doesn't go your way....
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Thank you Jim, if I were that sort, I'd be threatening to sue because my modem is toast and, I have to pay a service call at a time I really can't afford it. Such is life, hardware breaks, not a matter of if, it's a matter of WHEN it will break and, my WHEN found me today. :)
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If you do let me know. I have to delete hundreds of spam emails a day. They refuse to except responsibility even though it seems to have started for all of us at the exact same time!