Tips for a smooth cancellation?

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I hate changes, but I'm afraid a 6 year relationship with Viasat is coming to an end as a better option came to my attention for my interweb needs.  The timing is appropriate as I have felt that there's been no refresh in options for residential for quite some time.  At least in my area.  I should get my new connection within a week, and will know rather quickly if it will be the right choice for me.  This should put me safely before my next billing cycle on the 4th to cancel service and start the return process.

Now what concerns me is over the years I have read people's posts on here with their issues on cancellations and returns.  To help avoid common mistakes, anyone have any pointers on a smooth cancellation?  I read the Help section and looked at the flyer on how to return equipment, but lets face it.... I have a feeling if the warehouse is picky like Verizon Wireless' return warehouse and will charge for the simplest of errors.  "Oh you shipped the return on Tuesday instead of Wednesday?  Sorry that's $300." LOL exaggerating of course but you get the point.
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I cancelled my service and had the return box within a week. The hardest part was getting up on the roof to get part of the dish off.
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Take some pictures of the equipment in the box before you close it up to ship.
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This plus be sure to capture the tracking number of the return shipping label.
You can validate the box arrived at their receiving dock.
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I'd be curious to know about the "better option" you found.  I'm always looking/listening for one in my rural area but nothing so far.
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Print out confirmation of the receipt of the package too!

Congrats on moving on from satellite internet. I think you will be pleased with your new service.
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Thanks ExSatUser! I'm excited to see how this goes. I know I'll never have cable or fiber as an option and will still be somewhat conservative with my data and can accept the limitations. I'm just excited in having a REALISTIC data limit. Considering how EVERYTHING connects to the internet these days and/or constant updates, taking up huge chunks of data and often times there's no way to have it update during LNFZ.
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I had zero complaints about my cancellation. While companies can and do make mistakes, my spider senses tell me most people that have problems are self inflicted wounds. Follow the directions and take pictures.
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I think the biggest difference...720p+ streaming with no buffering.

No need to use Nightshift,Playon Cloud or any other method to pre-record video because I couldn't stream live.

Satellite internet has its place. But for the average U.S. household that streams and uses north of 250GB/month, satellite internet is not the answer.
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While companies can and do make mistakes, my spider senses tell me most people that have problems are self inflicted wounds.
If a preprinted label, a box and packaging perfectly formed for the items with instructions were not provided I would tend to agree. The process of returning the items is as idiot proof as it can be on the ex Viasat customer end of things. Pretty sure the problems lie with the 3rd party contractor the items are shipped to. It seems in this day and age you can get some pretty useless people working in entry level jobs.

To add to taking a picture it is also a good idea to get a receipt when dropping the item off.
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I just wanted to give everyone an update on how things have been since I left ViaSat.  Honestly, it's been great.  Sign up and set up was as about as simple as you can imagine.  I still do some basic data conservation, AS EVERYONE FREAKING SHOULD WHEN REGULAR BROADBAND CONNECTION ISN'T AN OPTION!

It's been a trip, to do huge downloads during the day, streaming entertainment constantly, join meetings on Zoom (usually coming out close to 4 hours a week), and to do something as simple as playing Mario Maker online that would refuse to work while on Viasat sadly.

With all that aside, I wouldn't have left Viasat if there was more realistic data caps.  My contact with them each time from sign up to leaving was great (especially the rep that closed my account, he was awesome!).  I was treated right and I will not count them out in the future if things change and need another ISP.
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Glad things are working well for you. Thanks for the update.
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Ditto. I canceled service years ago and game back. My cancellation was hassle free.
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I may have missed it, but who is your current/new ISP?

Speeds, data caps etc.

Might help some of the other current Viasat customers.


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