Time to throttle me up. I'm getting less than 1/2 of the speed I pay for.

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Hey, would you please throttle me up? I did a speed test yesterday and had 10 Mbps and this morning only 6 Mbps. I'm paying for 25 Boost. And I'm trying to test a video application because I'm an Internet marketer. The application is failing because you can't stream video over 6-10 Mbps. Come on now. I need to launch this marketing campaign 2 days ago.
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You are NOT paying for 25mbs.  You are paying for internet service.  Up to 25mbs.  If you can't stream video at 6-10mbs, then you are in a world of hurt. Those are great speeds and streaming videos are no problem at those speeds.  If you need 25mbs on a regular basis than you made a big mistake choosing Satellite as your internet provider.
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Why can't we dislike comments? We pay at tiered levels with an advertised speed. Sure there may be fluctuations, but to constantly recieve 1/5 off what you are told it has the capacity to be is ridiculous. Their up to 25mb/s (this will only happen when you're not home) is like a car that says it'll get 80 miles to the gallon (if you go no faster than an idle).
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Get a business account.  They are consistently faster and only slow down after using all the priority data and even then, they only de-prioritize at night, actually in the evenings.  It's more of a system of getting what you pay for at a higher price.  Business plans are un-limited in a far truer sense.
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Business plans also automatically charge you for more data. Say you get the 100 GB business plan and use 120 GB, you will be bill 10.00 for each one of those 20 extra GB automatically. No warning no option not to buy more data, you use it, you buy it, no slow downs but, you can go over the base plan and be charged for excess usage.
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RE: Business plans

I think they have a

Viasat Business Unlimited Data Plan
15 down , 4 up , for $299.00
HD Quality (typically 1080p)
After 300 GB of data usage...may prioritize
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Ummmm... Bev...  Viasat.com shows a business plan that is unlimited.


Viasat Business Unlimited Data Plan The Viasat Business Unlimited Data Plan does not have a monthly data allowance. The amount of data you use will not affect your service speeds, unless the network is congested. After 300 GB of data usage during your monthly measurement period, however, Viasat may choose to prioritize your data behind other customers during network congestion, which will result in slower speeds. To the extent we prioritize your data, all uploaded and downloaded data transmitted using your Viasat service starting on the first day of your monthly measurement period will count towards the 300 GB threshold. At the end of your monthly measurement period, your data usage resets to zero. Under the Viasat Business Unlimited Data Plan we may set the video streaming quality of video streams with a quality higher than high-definition quality to a quality of high-definition quality, which is typically 1080p. Not all video sources are identifiable and, accordingly, some video sources may stream at a quality higher than high-definition. Video streaming quality is “up to,” will vary and is not guaranteed.

I read somewhere at Viasat the de-prioritizing will only occur during the evening after the 300GB is used... never during the day.
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I would suggest using an Ethernet connected computer rather than WiFi connected, if this is the case.  If WiFi is preferred, see this: Are there better WiFi settings? 
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RE: you can't stream video over 6-10 Mbps....Internet marketer

That's a high rate...Understanding bitrates in video files
which would not be in keeping with good practices.

LD 240p 3G Mobile @ H.264 baseline profile 350 kbps (3 MB/minute)
LD 360p 4G Mobile @ H.264 main profile 700 kbps (6 MB/minute)
SD 480p WiFi @ H.264 main profile 1200 kbps (10 MB/minute)
HD 720p @ H.264 high profile 2500 kbps (20 MB/minute)
HD 1080p @ H.264 high profile 5000 kbps (35 MB/minute)
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Get used to it. My speeds have been lousy lately on the Freedom Plan. Barely getting 2 Mbps most days due to network congestion, especially on weekends. So much for Viasat 2 taking the load off.
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7.9 Mbps during prime time, things are looking up.