Time for the Late Night Free Zone indication to be adjusted

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Im sorry but their should be some type of indicator that your in the free zone when you log into your account at least besides seeing if the meter moved. Its almost 2015, theirs no reason to not have this already and should not be hard be hard to implement. Every since the time changed, ive been getting inconsistent lnfz times. One night it would start at 12am, the next at 1:45am. I should not have to constantly look at the modem to see when its going to start so I don't actually miss the indication that im in it. Thats beyond ridiculous and irritating.
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Posted 5 years ago

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How does looking at the modem tell you you're in the late night zone?
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My modem has never reset going into the LNFZ either, bu then I have never been DAP'd in the 2 1/2 years I have been on Exede.  

Those of us on Exede have been asking for an indicator that the modem is in the LNFZ since they introduced it 2 years ago but have yet to see Exede actually make it happen. Yes, it should be made available, but ......
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Is there any other way? What if the blue lights are not blinking?
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I got hit once by the LNFZ bug right after I got Exede over a year and a half ago. I started downloading a little after 1am and at around 1:30am I slowed down to about nothing and while I was waiting for it to speed back up, I checked my email. The 70% and the 100% notices were there and had just been sent. A short while later my speed when back to normal. I guess the LNFZ actually turned on somewhere around 2am when it speeded back up but when the LNFZ went off the next morning I went back to slowed.

That's the only time I've had a problem with it though, and normally I start at 12:15am just to give a little leeway, but I have started it very shortly after 12am several times.

My opinion is Exede purposely doesn't have a LNFZ indicator. What this reason could be I have no idea, but adding one would be so easy and they have had so long to do it, they pretty much have to be not adding one for some reason.
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BEWARE: Since Exede changed from Wildblue, I detect they are cheating our free time hours.
If you listen to the modem, you'll hear several clicks at or near 12am opening or unlocking the LNFZ and several more click at about 5am locking it up again. Well since Oct of 2015 the LNFZ opens at 1am and locks at 5am. It can't be Daylight savings time because it should adjust and lock at 6am right? SO if no indicator available then Exede has adjusted the modem to use your paid time by 1 hour per night between 12am till 1am.

P.S. its just 2min past 1am, just heard two clicks from the LNFZ
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Hi Omar, this is an old thread, but you can certainly email us at exedelistens@viasat.com and we can look into this for you to make sure your LNFZ is properly being monitored. Keep in mind that the LNFZ will certainly not apply should a download begin before or continue past the allotted time for our free zone. Also if you are on our new standard Liberty plans that there is no LNFZ at all as the Liberty pass has replaced it in a manner of speaking. 
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This is a constant topic of conversation with our developers. A signal that the Free Zone has kicked in would beneficial for those who like to keep very tight control on their data. Please bear with us as we are working on improvements as I type.
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Also check to make sure that your timezone is correct in you profile, I believe that is where I found it.

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Everett, Does this just track for the computer it is loaded on or does it work for everything accessing the modem? Thanks.
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Joy - I also use Bitmeter, but it only tracks the computer on which it is installed and obviously only when the computer in on.
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Thanks for sharing JEP, that is true it only works on the device on which it is installed. =)
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Joy, I use Networx, another free app. Networx can track the usage through the router, if your router has that capability, and can be installed on multiple computers, and synced together to give total usages. It also give breakdowns by computer, hour, day, month, year, and by application. It does not track cell phone, tablet usage unless you are monitoring the traffic through your router. It is also a free app, runs on windows computers and can be downloaded at  http://www.softperfect.com/products/networx/
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We've always used Satellite Restriction Tracker. I have it on my computer and my wife has it on hers. Normally we're only concerned with what Exede says we've used unless there's a problem and we've only had that once, then I used Networx to to track it to which computer. That one was the good old auto run video in my wife's Facebook problem.

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