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This missive is a complaint about
the lack of cooperation that we have been getting from our current internet
service provider.


In the original conversation with
the sales representative, it was stated that my household used a large amount
of internet bandwidth due the use of two Xbox consoles as well as general
computer usage. This usage includes school projects, Facebook and personal
email accounts.  We were lead to believe
that Excede/WildBlue could fulfill our needs. However, each month since we have
been customers you have seen fit to slow our internet connection down so far
that we effectively can not use it after the first week of each month. There
have been several calls made to the technical support line and customer service
regarding this situation, but to no avail.

Because of the lack of help from the Excede/WildBlue company, my family has had
to discontinue use of some of our favorite games and websites, including the
use of our Netflix and Hulu accounts. Youtube and Skype with family members is
also impossible. We have also been forced to change our practices of upgrading
devices while on our home network system.


This company came to our attention
through a reliable source, a previous customer who has requested to remain
nameless in this missive. After speaking with them concerning our situation, we
were told by the source that slowed speeds were never an issue. Yet each time
we speak with someone from the company we are told that this has always been a
standard practice for their company. This well known source used more bandwidth
at the time of their service than my family does at the present.


 We are told that there is “no metered service”
between midnight and five o'clock am. The use of the internet during these
hours is not an option with school age children and parents who work during the
week. We pay hard earned money to use a service that we were told would benefit
my family. We feel that we should not be penalized for the legitimate usage of
our devices.


This company's policies have
rendered internet useless to my family and we feel that we were lied to about
the services that we originally requested and currently require. Even still our
family will accept a resolution of a “no threshold” service, or a threshold
that will better benefit my family within the same cost perimeter that we are
currently paying. If this current situation cannot be resolved to this
customer's satisfaction, then we will be forced to seek a company that is
better suited to our family's needs.




A Displeasing Situation,

The Gann Family

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Jerusha Gann

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Posted 6 years ago

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The Gann Famiy,

It seems like your family has needs beyond your current data usage plan.  Please send me an email to with your contact info and the best time to reach you.  I will be more than happy to go over your data plan with you and find ways to maximize your data. Thanks.
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Well, on average it takes 10 GB to do any ONE of the following:

204,800 TEXT ONLY, No attachments emails.
70 Hours of Web Surfing without videos. (That's man hours so if two people surf for an hour at the same time, that counts as 2 hours)
250 720p five minute long videos via YouTube or similar site.
40 Hours of ABC or iView Internet TV.
20 Hours of FoxTel on Xbox.
510 hours of Skype voice.
65 hours of Skype camera calls.

Just ONE of those would use 10 GB so, plan accordingly. Of course attachments, higher resolution video, messengers, etc all use more and, if you have multiple devices like iPads, phones, tablets, etc using the internet that uses even more.
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Funny I read this because I am having the same issue. We are rarely home and only have had this service a week. We called today to find out why our intranet is slow and why we cannot watch a Netflix movie...(which we haven't watched even one movie in the week we have had the service).. pretty much were told we must of used all our data in the week. I can tell you we have not!! After two phone calls and no resolution.. (by the way they had our email address wrong in their computer system so when the tech changed my password I still was unable to log in.. which I figured out this problem myself after many minutes online trying to fix it.. which I am getting charged for I am sure).. I said perhaps this service isn't for my household and the tech so kindly reminded me that I am bound by a 24 month contract which I knew nothing about. The only paper work my husband signed was a installation sheet which conveniently we did not get a copy of. The guy that installed it was in a hurry because it was a Friday I am sure. I am so disappointed because I have spent my whole afternoon speaking to IT techs that cannot answer any of my questions. I am currently taking online graduate classes.. I need to be able to access video for my classes. This simply is not going to work for me. I need a phone number for a person that can explain many questions that IT cannot. Does anyone have an additional number I can call? Can you please post what your resolution was with anyone that contacts you?
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I wish you had done your research on satellite internet, or any metered bandwidth provider for that matter. Such service is NOT suited to streaming or, in most case downloading, very much video. Excede is the exception for downloading video since we do have the LNFZ to do that so we can watch them later.
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The main problem is we live out in the woods, off a dirt road. No cable. No DSL. According to my children cell phone signal sucks.So we have limited options when it comes to internet.
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I agree Bev.. I certainly wished I did too. Although I think Excede staff should be trained to give a better insight when it comes to new clients. The average consumer will not know these things and shouldn't be expected to be as knowledgeable as the person providing the service. I feel like me and my husband was mislead and were treated as a dollar sign. Especially because the tech mentioned the 24 month contract that we knew nothing about when speaking to anyone else in the company. Rather odd to me that this became a part of the conversation from the IT department and the first time I heard it. They are for technical issues not billing.. I am wondering if there is a commission involved when speaking to consumers about new services? I would not of selected this services if told any of this before trying this company. It may work for some but certainly not for everyone.

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I do agree that they should at least tell prospective customers approximately what 10 GB allows one to do online.

I know how it can be, I too live where there is no other option (24k dialup over aluminum lines that do not even support voice mail service is not a viable option for internet today.) Cell phones are all but useless here, one small area in the back of the property allows you to send a text if you are facing the right way and hold still while it sends.)

Perhaps there is a way to download the video you need for school during the LNFZ and watch it when you need to. There are several download schedulers available so you could get one that suits you and make it automated so you could get some sleep or work as the case may be.
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Larry Chapman

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Welcome to the world of satellite Internet service. Any Google search would have told you that bandwidth is at a premium with satellite isps and performance is throttled if you exceed the limits of your plan. I was a customer of Hughesnet prior to Exede and the bandwidth issue was even worse. I have increased my plan from the original 10gb to the 25gb which seems to meet our needs. I do agree that the free time period is almost useless, even for adults. I would be happier if Exede did two things. First, slide the free slot either forward or backward to better fit people's normal hours. Secondly, permit customers to accrue unused bandwidth from month to month. If I pay for 25gb in May and only use 20, the remaining 5 should carry over into June. Cellular phone companies do this and there is zero reason why Exede can't. 
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I would like to see bandwidth we paiy for and don't use carry over, or be noted for use in a month we may go over.

Say we have no used it all in months and have a total of 10 GB we did not use then, we go over for whatever reason. We should at least be able to use that unspent 10GB instead of buying more.

That would help on the rare (for most) occasions the LNFZ fail and, save a lot of calls to support over that and, help us customers feel we were actually getting what we paid for. At least we would have the unused data if we needed it and, if not, it would simply be banked for us. Data reset would still work the same but, we'd have a data bank of unused GB that we would not see unless we went to buy more then, using it would be an option, even if there was say a 1.00 or so fee to use it. (takes more server space and someone to program the unused data bank system so, have to pay for that.)
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When I was with Hughes they tried this for a couple months or so, and it was great! I was so disappointed when they stopped doing it.

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