Slow speeds; work and Netflix are a crapshoot

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Here is my comment on this "high speed" internet. IT SUCKS! I was told that not only would my internet be faster than my current DSL (Which was 1 step above dial up) but that I would be able to have the internet go from my office to my house (about 300 ft) WHAT A BUNCH OF FAT LIES!

I just spoke to a person about this, I was told that with liberty pass all we could do is 1 internet thing at a time, seriously. 1 THING AT A TIME in WHAT current world is this possible????? My office manager runs Wi-Fi for work, we cannot even have the computers wireless because IT DOESN'T WORK!!!!

I have had to up my cell phone data 2 times since purchasing this so called high speed internet because I was almost going over because the internet does NOT work at my house. This was after paying almost $1,000 for the equipment to be installed!!!

I explained to the person today that the internet does NOT work AT NIGHT. She tells me that is because more people are on the system so it is slower. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!?!?!? This is the SAME crap that came with dial up! Satellite was supposed to be faster! Forget playing games, I can't efficiently run an office, my daughter cannot efficiently do her homework and Netflix is a crap shoot on if it will work.

As soon as I find better this company has lost a customer. Direc TV has lost a customer and if there is anything that can be done sooner I'm out of here. If I find out I can I'd even consider filing with the FCC or whoever regulates you bunch of liars.
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Posted 4 years ago

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J, you are either over your data limit for the month, or you need to have Exede check out your equipment. I normally get around 18 Mbps during the day, and 10 to 12 Mbps during prime time in the evening. Once I go on the Liberty Pass, I get slowed down to around 5 Mbps during the day with closer to 1 or 2 Mbps in the evening. Depending on the beam you are on, speeds can vary as some beams are highly populated.

Send an email to the moderators and they can take a look at why your speeds are so low. Email and include your account number and a phone contact.
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Hi Steve-I have Liberty plan also. So far haven't been into Liberty Pass. I download short UTube clips. On Facebook and read and write comments. I have Liberty 12. Like you I get around 18 Mbps down. That is most all the time. I'm a happy camper with Exede. :-)
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J, Please explain what you were charged $1,000 for. That is unheard of. You may have been taken advantage of by someone.
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Equipment charges sounds like you got taken advantage of for sure, the rest of the post sounds perfectly normal for Exede, sounds like they didn't tell you the whole story, and the service is useless after priority data.
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You may have been taken advantage of by someone.
Maybe, maybe not - the 300 ft distance between the office and home raises a number of issues that could justify the cost when done correctly (e.g. are the buildings electrically isolated, how is the connection made wirelessly or wired, if wired could require fiber for electrical isolation or another solution, cost of cable burial at 300 ft, if wireless could require repeater, industriabl strength wireless router, etc.)

Too little information to go on here and as Johnny Bench says for Blue Emu, " I don't know what you're trying to do, but it's not working" assuming this configuration would even be acceptable under the terms of service - technically different premises ;)   
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Hi J, please send your account and contact information to  We would love to investigate your issue. If you were charged $1000.00  for equipment, we would need to investigate this as it is not our fee for installation.