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I spend almost 77 dollars a month for the crappiest internet service I have EVER had in my life!  I have been without internet for a month now (but STILL paying for it.).  My modem is disconnected and wifi hasn't worked in a month. Yet somehow I have managed to go OVER my allotted data allowance!

My download speeds are a consistent 36 KB - 16 KB.  KILOBYTES.  AGAIN, IT'S 2018 AND I'M DOWNLOADING SLOWER THAN AOL DIAL UP DAYS.

I cannot watch a movie, load a web page or god forbid, check my email.

Customer service is a JOKE, and the reason my service isn't working is because my router is faulty.  I tried explaining that a TORNADO moved my satellite (my neighborhood is listed as a Disaster Area by FEMA, so I would think that customer service would come and move my satellite back into it's normal position).

I'm locked in this crap contract for another year.

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Posted 2 years ago

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From what you described, it sounds like you have an equipment failure.  I would send an email to explaining what you just said.  That email address goes to the good folks at corporate.

For what its worth, my parents had five feet of water in their house back in 2016.  We called up Dish Network, and they were very pleasant to deal with in getting their TV service running again.  We simply explained the receiver had been under water and that we didn't feel safe plugging it back in.

They sent someone out with a new receiver and tria (the dish was under water too) and installed service in my parents camper so they could at least have TV while their house was being rebuilt.  They did it for no charge.

Viasat and Dish are two seperate companies, but Viasat does have an excellent team at corporate that can probably help with your situation.

Be sure to mention you are in a disaster area and see what Viasat can do for you.  Give them a chance to make things right before going nuts on them.

If a storm blew your antenna around, that isn't Viasat's fault but they can make things right.  If they can't wave the fee for a tech to come out, sign up for easy care and it will significantly reduce the cost of the visit.
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You say "... it isn't Viasat's fault" which is correct, but it should be Viasat's responsibility to fix their equipment.

We all get billed once a year from Viasat to reimburse them for the property tax that they say they pay for our equipment.

So clearly the taxing authorities think Viasat owns the equipment.

And the owner pays for repairs unless intent or negligence can be proven.

If you rent an apartment and a storm damages the apartment, then the owner fixes the problem, not the renter. That is one of the few advantages of being a renter.
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I agree that the repair service should be included in the lease fee.  Unfortunately, repair service isn't included in the lease fee.  You have the option of paying for the service visit, or paying for insurance called Easy Care. 

I don't like it either but think of it this way, if you are leasing a vehicle from Toyota and a tree falls on it, the damage isn't Toyota's fault.  You are responsible for having insurance to pay for the repair.  The same thing situation is true if a storm knocks your dish out of alignment.  It isn't Viasat's fault.

Now on the other hand, if Viasat sent you a faulty modem, I agree completely that they should be responsible to take care of it.  There have been instances where they have sent people modems in the mail to swap out without a service visit.  

Send an email to and see what they can do for you.  If they aren't able to waive any expenses then sign up for Easy Care so it won't cost much to have a tech come out.
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If you are an NRTC customer the lease fee includes what Viasat calls "Easy Care". While my lease fee is a little more, it is cheaper than Viasat's fee + Easy Care.

And nobody is "locked" into a two year agreement. Pay $15/month for each unused month, walk away, and find something else for internet.
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Hi Amy

While we try to actively prevent this sort of thing in disaster areas like hurricane-struck areas last summer, wildfires and currently volcanoes, tornadoes are a little harder on our end to flag accounts that might have been affected. I've been part of flagging said accounts but I don't think we have a protocol in place on a tornado just because they're harder to track down. From the sound of it, you are still at home and using the service (although it's barely working) so that wouldn't be seen as a result of a disaster although a disaster did happen in your area. We're glad you're OK. We sort of go that direction if like your equipment was damaged. This sounds like it's out of alignment so a normal service call would be used in this scenario.  

 Either way,  I can take care of this if you email me at  Like a few customers suggested (and I probably will as well if you email me) EasyCare will take care of this for free and if you're in Tornado Alley I couldn't recommend it enough just due to the severe weather that hits this time every year. Even storm gusts can move the dish out of alignment. If the satellite has been moved you're going to get bad service at best because if it's not aligned it won't perform as expected so we'll need that fixed ASAP so you can return to routine service. 
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Yes, Tornado Alley, Areas that can be affected by hurricanes and, place with lots of tree that may be subject to high winds for any reason need Easy Care IMHO.

Of course so do people with idiot step sons that fell trees on their dishes LOL (Added for his benefit when he reads this forum again.)
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That's awesome customer service right there. Send that email.