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I have to say that I too am very disappointed with Exede Internet. I have never had such terrible service in my life. We run out of data before the 15th of the month and we are paying $90 dollars a month. It is not worth the price. My children can't get their homework done and I can't get my work done. The only way you can get more data is to pay $10 for one gig. This is just ridiculous. I am looking into finding a new provider. This is a ripoff! I have been with this company for quite a while and when it was wild blue it did not give me all this trouble.
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I'm so sorry for the trouble you are having Ladybray and I would hate for you to go on feeling this way. If you can send your information to we can go over some ways to help maximize your data and get some GB added to your account today free of charge. Thank you.
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I am not trying to be hateful, but tell us all when you find something better in the satellite service. I did a lot of research when I had to go the satellite route. This to me is the best deal I found, and I have no issues that can not be changed, works the way is it to work. I agree, I do not like the high price for no more that I get. But I didn't find anything any better. To me the slow speed is ok for regular service. But, for downloads, I have to wait till after midnight. Its something you have to learn to deal with. I don't like it, but don't have a choice.

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They have a "special" right now where they will give you five gig extra when you run low just by calling their customer service.  The downside is that you have to put up with their customer serevice.
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Robbie, when you are ready for your next 5GB, shoot me an email
with your account information and I can take care of adding them to your
account for you.
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You don't have to put up with anything. Just send an email to with your account number and you will have your 5 gigs in a few hours. This has worked like a charm for me two months in a row.
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I just came here from Hughes net. They too had different data cap plans. The best plan was 20 gig a month and 20 gig off peak. No free zone. 100.00 bucks a month. I found the Gen 4 to be a farce. I never received speeds over 6Mbps with an average of around 2.5 Mbps. It is very expensive and you can eat 20 gig easy if you don't watch it close. Extra data was also 10.00 a gig. You got a price break if you purchased two (8.00 a gig). Satellite internet is definitely an expensive connection but I am thankful for it because I have no other option but dail up. I am fortunate to have been able to sign up for the new freedom plan with a larger data cap and my speeds are excellent. I have had nothing but a pleasant experience with Exede. 
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Yours is a familiar tale and you don't indicate how long you've been on Exede since switching from WildBlue. For me, it was a matter of correcting some bad habits I'd accumulated along the way to compensate for slow speeds on WildBlue for 7 years. Many of those bad habits were broken by realizing that faster speeds meant faster consumption without even knowing it and in the blink of an eye.

Other excessive usage issues were addressed using some plug-ins to stop ads and other data intensive media from being downloaded or automatically playing. It can be done, but requires a substantial effort to determine just how you're using your data (and then in your case teaching your children).

My early experiences are documented in layman's terms at Curbing Your Exede Usage over in my public OneDrive folder (~200KB for those counting their bits and bytes)..

While I used to obsessively check my usage meter, I very rarely do at this time - maybe once a day and it's usually within range of what I expect when I do. It takes practice.     
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Lab Rescuer, GREAT JOB on your write up (Curbing your exede usage)...wish I had had this to read when I first started with satellite the way you start with the very basics and don't assume the reader already has any special knowledge...I certainly did not when I started.  But like you, having little by little figured out how I was using data without realizing it, I now use so little data that I keep wondering how it can be so little, considering how much time I spend online.
Hope others will take the time to read what you have taken the time to write for the sake of others.
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OneDrive? You haven't disabled that, mine is :)
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Only used via the browser - integration, synchronization disabled ;)

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