Why did I get a usage message?

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70% usage 1 and a half days before the end of the month.

Message received on 12/30/15 @ 6:39:06pm
"It's time to keep an eye on your data usage.
You've used 70% or more of your monthly data allowance."

... as of Midnight on 12/31/15 I still had 7Gb left out of 25Gb, ...I paid for the full 25, where is my remaining 7Gb? On the last day of the month, I could have watched a movie, and listened to hours of online radio with the amount I had left over, sheesh.

Okay, I get it, the remaining data allowance is not rolled over, but why the stupid message telling me "on no! your at 70% data and there is 1 and 1/2 days left on your plan, better cut back!, here are some helpful hints, ...blah blah blah."

I should be congratulated for staying well under my data allotment, not reprimanded or warned.

Curiously, there does seem to be a minimum of 100Mb being used every 2 hours while I am NOT doing anything online, ie: Youtube, Forums, general browsing and software updates, etc.

Fix the constant satellite pinging or realign my antenna*, and I'll be happy. Suggestion: If it is within a day or two before the end of the month, don't send the message. 70% data usage on the 29th-30th-31st is more than likely normal usage, I would suggest stop nagging the customer about it during the end of the month.
*(the dang thing is on the roof and I can not clear the snow and ice build up.)

No need for any replies as the 100Mb is probably due to "rain fade".
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Posted 4 years ago

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Congratulations on managing your data consumption!  Hope it continues that way for you.  I suspect your computer is doing stuff in the background for that 100MB.  If you are interested, you could install the free version of Glasswire to see what applications are using the Internet.


Unfortunately, using up all your data is one of the biggest complaints you will see against Exede.  The 70% warning is just kicked out automatically.  Sometimes it surprises me, sometimes it's annoyingly irrelevant.  The other funny thing is that it will be generated, even if you buy extra GB.  The warning is generated with respect to your basic data plan.  But, I do agree with you in that the warning should have a rate of consumption factor built into it.

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Thank You very much JEP for that link, I just downloaded it. (and thanks for the congrats too)

I think you might be right about a background app eating some data when I'm not looking. Hopefully I can pin down the culprit with Glasswire.
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To handle this kind of thing in this most modern of worlds, full of such auto-messages...if I get this type of message and it doesn't apply to me for any reason, I just IGNORE it--I don't take it as a personal message when I know no human actually was involved in sending this specific message to me on the date I receive it...

I don't know why exede set it up so that people would get such "warnings" when they still had some pretty good data left at that point, but maybe some people would want to know...

But I really don't CARE.  one or 2 lines into that auto message and I would have deleted it and been on to something else that hopefully I DO care about.

I know people have different personalities and ways of dealing with things, but having this attitude does help me deal with things I really can't control.
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I will take your advice and ignore this. TY