Thinking of switching to Liberty 12 plan

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Hi everyone.I am new here.I hope all is well with you all.
I currently have the unlimited silver plan but I am considering switching to the Liberty 12 Plan. I only watch movies at night lately.Under the Liberty 12 plan info,it says data is free from 3 am to 6 am. Will the data during that time be fast enough so I am able to stream movies or videos? Also,Is it possible 12 GB will last me one month If I do not stream videos anytime other than 3 am to 6 am? and if I just use the data to go on websites daily to read my wrestling news?
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Posted 9 months ago

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Get PlayOn cloud. Record streaming content to the cloud anytime. This wont impact your priority data. Then download content to your computer or tablet during the free zone. It wont use data, you wont have any buffering, and content will be in 720p.

If you browse just other times of the day, the Liberty plan should be fine for you. If you stay with Viasat, save yourself some money and dump the mislabeled "unlimited" plan for Liberrty.
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Quick question guys about Playon desktop. They're offering a deal right now of $34.99 for lifetime. Is that worth it? How many downloads does that include per month? Can I play the files from a USB drive on my TV if my TV supports it?
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That's unlimited, but recorded by your computer "live", so subject to your internet restrictions, speed, if streaming works. Doesn't include recording on "their" computer and download once done, like others talk about here.

I got lifetime cheaper and it works great, but not satellite.

The files should play on most/many devices. But could easily be converted if a device requires a different format.
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I have the desktop version to, but I had issues with it and Viasat. Since the desktop version simply does the recording to your computer (and it is unlimited content), you are subject to the buffering and resolution throttling on Viasat. While I got Amazon and Netflix content to record for the must part, i could never get a successful record with HBO Go.

The cloud version is much more simpler and cleaner. Bypasses any networking issues and creates the MP4 file for download any time, in 720p. This would also be another way to get HD content that Viasat bronze and silver plans wont allow. So that is another plus (buy the lowest plan and say money!).

Then playing the mp4 files isnt difficult if you have a Roku or a smartv that can play those files.
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I have both PlayOn Desktop and PlayOn Cloud. I bought PlayOn Desktop when they had a lifetime sale ($29.99, if memory serves). Like ExSatUser, I had issues with Desktop due to the nature of my satellite internet (for me, it was audio/video sync issues), so I stopped using it for recording.

Instead, I use PlayOn Cloud to record the shows/movies I want, download them, and then I use Desktop as my media server. Works a treat.

If I ever get better internet and PlayOn still exists, then perhaps I can go back to using Desktop instead of Cloud. 
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I hope PlayOn still exists! It is a quality product.
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save yourself some trouble and just switch to a new internet provider instead if you can 
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not lot of people here anymore wow
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I noticed an "Annual Property Tax Recovery Fee" on my latest bill.  What is this $5.92 for?
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What is this $5.92 for?
"Annual Property Tax Recovery Fee"

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Taxes imposed by your local, county and/or state government. Assessed once each year on your Viasat equipment on a state by state basis. Not every state has such a tax.
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Thanks, Steve!