Thinking of switching over; unsure of Viasat's stability.

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I'm currently thinking of switching over from Blue Ridge's 50mb/s plan to Viasat's, however after reading a lot of posts here I'm a bit shaky of the idea. Not only is it up to 50mb/s, which indicates an uncertainty for what I'm putting cash down for, but speeds seem to get throttled after a small data cap behind other customers. On top of that, a lot of people have been pushed down way to 1mbps, which is an ungodly speed for today's standards. I don't mind being throttled as long as it's a bearable speed, say like, 12mbps, however down to 1mbps for extended periods of time would be overpaying.

So yeah. My area's Pennsylvania, in the Carbon county.
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Posted 2 years ago

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What is your incentive to switch? Is it cost?
 What is the lowest speeds you get now?
 Are you capped and then throttled?

Viasat will be a crap shoot. Some people have good speeds all the time.
 However a lot of people get only 1 to 2 mbps a lot of the time before using up their priority data.
 After using priority data, you can expect <1mbps routinely.
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You definitely are not going to maintain 12Mbps minimum. At least not on Viasat-1. I dont think you want to switch.
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Nyanch, Blue ridge internet is a fiber optic network, with high speeds and plans offering from 700GB to 2 TB per month. Speeds vary from 10 bps to 1 Gbps.

You would be very unhappy giving up this ground based internet for a satellite internet. 
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I would like to know why the OP would even consider it? Has Viasat's hype machine created this situation?
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Shows what clever advertising does to mislead people.
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Frankly, I've had horrible service both from the modem and from tech support lately with my issue. I'd stay with what you have. If I could get ground based where I live, I would. 
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If the service you have now is fiber, stick with it.  Going from fiber to satellite is going backwards.  Most of us dream of having fiber and would switch to such in a second flat if it were to become available.  
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The whole reason I want to switch is kind of a messy situation but to sum it up, basically security vulnerabilities.
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What security issue exists with what you have vs. Viasat? Use your own wireless router and get a reputable VPN.
Does anyone multiplayer game in your household (other than turn based games)? Do you watch HD videos when you want? Do you connect any device you want and allow them to update without monitoring usage?
I put in a random zip code from your area. Your plans are cheaper than my area. You could get Bronze 12 for $80 a month with lease fee. With that you're deprioritized after 40GB, streaming video is reduced to 360p (at all times).
You shouldn't even be considering satellite (as others said).
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Yeah I agree with everyone else, you will *not* be happy with satellite internet, you have what most of us dream was available to us.  You will be spending that $300 early termination fee in no time as you'd have realized just how horrid a mistake switching from *fiber* to satellite was. As to your security issues, I have no idea about the set up, but if it's with their router/modem that they gave you then call them. Otherwise buy a good anti-virus program.  Either way, you're best staying where you are. 
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Security issues? Stick with fiber and shore up your systems with the recommendations noted above.

Going from fiber to satellite would be like going from satellite to dial up.
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Nyanch. If you walked into MY store and explained your situation and what you currently have, quite frankly, I'd refuse to install you. 

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The next time the urge to switch from your Blue Ridge to satellite internet, my suggestion is:

Grab a lime or two, a salt shaker and a bottle of tequila.
Continue to do shots until the urge passes.

You are welcome...