They want me to pay for someone to repair their equipment, really?!

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I have had Exede for 22months now. After about the third month I have been waiting for this 24 month contract to expire. Service is well below what the advertise. Constantly on & off-line. I can be surfing the internet, click on a new page and get an "offline" notice on my device. Five seconds later the page loads. This happens regularly on every device I use. Finally last night after two days on no service I call customer service and find out my modem is malfunctioning and they need to send out a tech. to fix it. Ok, no problem until they advise me I have to pay the tech for a service call!!! What? "so you are telling me I have to pay someone to come to my house and fix your equipment?! I think not!! So I advise him to just credit me for this months service being that I can't use it and then cancel my contract. My early termination fee was $30 but yet they expect me to pay $100 to repair sub-par service. I have to mail back the modem and the receiver part of the dish but yet the actual dish and the pole is now trash in my yard that I have to dispose of. What a bunch of crap. They will do anything free to get your commitment to a contract but after that its "screw you". The final thing was once I got to work this morning I attempted to log into my account to see what had been done yet in the way of fees and credits. Well I couldn't log in. I call them and since I canceled service I no longer even have access to my account and billing information. So here I sit, at their mercy, being that they have my bank account info, helpless to do anything until I get my bank statement next month and see what they may or may not have charged me. I have two words for you, Customer Service, look into it! What I really can't wrap my brain around is why not just do an exchange on the modem through the mail. That simple gesture would have avoided all this but it was never given as an option.  Exede, Wildblue, ViaSat, or what ever name you are using today, you will never see another dime for me. Hope you enjoyed the last 22 months!
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  • Ripped off, lied to and manipulated

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Ray I appreciate you comments and suggestions. I have not been here sooner because I had no idea this forum existed. I just happened across it today looking for somewhere to write a review on the service.

I understand the service fee is not for exede but for the technician. But I also realize the fact they have no in house techs. is not my problem nor is it my responsibility to pay for them to provide one. Which is essentially what I would be doing. Further more than that...why send a tech out to swap a modem? They had already tested it and found it to be defective while we were on the phone. Why not just mail me a new one with the stipulation I had to return the old one in a certain number of days. Replacing it is all the tech would have done anyways. Not like he would have opened the case and started soldering on the motherboard to repair it.

As far as having the service reinstated...I have no desire to do that. Actually they did me a favor by cancelling it two months early. Even with paying $15 a month early term. fee its still cheaper than the $60 I was paying for the poor service. I already had new service lined up to start when this contract expired anyway. Besides two months without internet won't kill me. Heck what I had didn't work 1/2 the time anyway.

Finally I asked them this morning about final payment info like you suggested...pointless. They can only give me the current acct. balance. Well heck I already knew that info!

Yes you do get more flies with honey than vinegar but a person can only take so much. And if you take just a few seconds to do a internet search for Exede internet reviews you will find the majority are as dissatisfied as I am. Matter a fact the only positive reviews I could find were conveniently located on the Exede website.

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Hi Gerald,

I'm sorry to hear you have disconnected your internet service with us.  If you have any additional questions or concerns about your account, please send me an email to with your account and contact information.
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Need to change the of name this site to the Exede bitch site that's all people do,Goes to show you Much much more people would rather take the time to complain about something then to write
something good ,human nature.Everyone I know likes excede and has no problems like the horror stories you hear on here.
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Richard, yes, it does seem to be just that. I realize that there are a few who come here with legitimate problems with the Exede provided equipment or a poor installation, and with the help of some of the regulars on here, have gotten help. Many of the others complaining about data being stolen have been helped too, either by following the suggestions in some of the threads, or with help from the excellent Exede moderators.

With over 650,000 subscribers, and only a small percentage of people here complaining or running Exede down, one can only think that Exede does provide a great service. The BBB gives Exede an A+ rating, the FCC has rated Exede high also.

If one Googles the forums for HughesNet, and even the land based ISPs, the trend is the same.

Bottom line, most of the subscribers are very happy with the service, and therefore don't stop by the forum. Most subscribers have little choice for internet because of the rural nature of their homes. Certainly, if cable were to come by my house, I would be on it in a flash. Until then, Exede serves me well.

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