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24 hours ago I bought 3GB...or in your case gigabits, NOT gigabytes. So how did I use 3GB  of data in 24 hours, when we have NEVER EVER downloaded a movie, watched a movie and all we do is surf news sites?

I read on this site hundreds of people have the same problem..they have a monopoly and they will not share how they manage data. I say we group together and get the FCC and our states AG's involved. If they, Exceed won't help us and stop this, maybe they'll answer to the regulators and we can find out what is going on?

So how did I use 3GB of data in 24 hours when we have NEVER EVER downloaded a movie...EVER IN THE 2 YEARS OF HAVING THIS CRAPPY SERVICE,
watched a movie and all we do is surf news sites... 

I have all my Google surfing data stored and saved for the last 7 years and there is no change in ourhabits....just how you charge us.

You call them and they have the same canned response about movies, YouTube, etc......then they blame HTML, Flash, etc....BUT watch their propaganda and you'd think you can do anything/ can if you're RICH! It's blatant false advertising!

Then on Friday we had over 3GB left on our account and we used it all and
you can see we were not even on the internet hardly at all.

I have called and written about this since last February when you deleted
our upload/download usage. Interesting that when they deleted those meters, my usage doubled/tripled and quadrupled...some months I paid over $400/mth for the same habits!

It is my NOW DEFINED position that you may be committing a consumer fraud.
I monitor your comments and see virtually everyone is having the same
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I've also had the same issue.. it's  been happening for a few months now. I always go over the data plan allowance, constantly having to purchase more before the end of the billing cycle.. This never used to happen. I just think they have us where they want us and now they are bleeding us dry. Here's my recent post.   I also called twice and had them go over my browsing (  nothing has changed).. they also gave me the same junk about movies, youtube, blah blah blah.. I might watch a grand total of 3 minutes of youtube video a week. I've never watched a movie on the internet IN MY LIFE.. Just some Facebook, normal browsing , and email. THATS IT !!!  Something has changed but it's not on my end. So when you find out what's going on and you get the AG of your state involved count me in. 
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My goodness, why don't you just tell us what we CAN do. Are we allowed to check email and send a 40kb photo? We can't visit ebay, we can't visit youtube, we can't visit facebook, we can't visit amazon. we can't use any messenger services, we can't skype. so what is left? gee..
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Nope, Nope, Nope & Nope
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David Mitchel, satellite internet and satellite tv are designed for those who are unable to get service from any ground  based or wireless providers. "Everyone on my block has Comcast/Xfinity. I am going to go back to them."  You should have never switched to Exede when you already had access to Comcast, without at least researching what the Exede subscription included, data limits especially. Good luck with Comcast, I would be on cable if I were able to, but, no service in my area.
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Well, I must say. ViaSat//Exede does not disappoint.

They are consistent.

They are in denial.

They are going to continue to deny a problem exists no matter what.

Here is proof.


from Kimberly Exede

I received word back from our Corporate Engineering team regarding your modem/speeds. Your modem is working properly and is not registering any mysterious data. The data that is registering is being used per internet activity from the devices in your home. The agent asked that I relay to you to have a speed test done at and then to give our Technical Support team a call with your results.  
Thank you for choosing ViaSat, provider of Exede and Wildblue internet services, as your internet provider.   We appreciate your business.
Exede Kimberly


The modem is working properly?  Then why do the RX/TX lights blink continually when there are no devices connected to it?

Speed tests?  Really.  What the hell do speed tests have to do with 10 or more gig of data transfers being logged on my usage when the damned modem is unplugged?

Do they really think we are so stupid as to accept that our phones and other devices are downloading data from Exede when the damned modem is unplugged?

ViaSat/Exede:  This is a community forum for paying customers, so please do not interject your semantics into this post.  I, for one do not want to hear anything more from you, unless it is a positive resolution to the problems.

Accurate and up-to-date usage meters.

.....and refunds!!!

Nothing more from you.....and not a word from the so-called Champions.
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just send them this link......tons and tons of similar complaints for them to see
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LesT, thank you for keeping us apprised of what's happening with your situation. As for me, I completed another month's usage as of Dec. 11th, and did so without going beyond my allotted 10GB of data. As I expected. As I've done every month since the company increased my account's limit from 7GB to that 10Gb--except for the month of October 2014, when I suddenly found myself a passenger in the same boat as so many other Excede subscribers as evidenced by the posts in this and two or three other threads on the subject of Ghost Data Users that have apparently invaded everyone's homes and devices. I have selected and installed a third-party usage application that is tracking my actual usage, as opposed to Excede's Fischer-Price BusyBox version, and I will simply continue to unplug my satellite modem every night when I retire for the night. But I am eager to see how your month-long experiment turns out, and whether you truly do have unlimited data usage with your plan. :)

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Thanks, Bill.  I did exactly that.  I filed a complaint with the FTC.  I suggest other frustrated users do the same.  More people heard from, they are more likely to pursue.  Thanks again.
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Your state AG/consumer division will work better for you
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I am not a history major/buff, however, for those who say "we can't do anything about it", I know what you mean.  However, isn't boycotting how the American Revolution came about?  I am to the point that I don't care if I have to close my bank account so that they cannot get my money or paying the lousy early termination fee.  Whatever it takes to stop using this "service".  Why are we putting food on their table and giving them fancy cars to drive for nothing in return?  My Exede rep bragged to me that he is a multimillionaire due to his work with Exede!!!  I think we have the power to change this!!! 

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