The unrestricted data times on the Evolution plan are no longer working

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Ever since the new "upgrade" the freedom plan has been seeing a numerous amount of problems, from data being drained way too quickly, to not being able to access certain websites. Now when we're throttled (which happens all the time because 10 GB'S of data in 2017 is basically nothing) Our internet is unusable, I can't load basic websites which I should because I'm on the freedom plan and that was the whole point of this plan, and now the unrestricted time, which I've used to download updates for my computer doesn't even work anymore, I stayed up until 3AM to see if my speeds got any better and it didn't until 5:30AM, and stopped at 7, and the unrestricted times are from 3AM-8AM. Thank you exede for making your service even more unbearable, I really appreciate it.
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Kyle Talbot

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Posted 3 years ago

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The Freedom Plan is 150 gigs.  You must mean another plan.
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Kyle Talbot

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Ah yes, sorry, I meant the evolution plan
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Any of our Freedom or Liberty plans do not have a unrestricted time. The late night free zone that exists on our classic plans are not needed by these plans. Only our classic plans have a unrestricted/unmetered time frame
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Kyle Talbot

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Yes, I got the names mixed up, I mean the evolution plan
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That's pretty standard for the late night free zone. The speeds are generally terrible at first and only get decent during the last few hours.
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The speeds on the unrestricted times should not be slow at first and get reasonable at the end of the time slots. The speeds are suppose to be what they are when the data is not restricted during regular data times. I have noticed my speeds have been really terrible on my plan which is supposed to be unrestricted free data times from 12 midnight to 5 am. Why is this happening. I keep getting disconnected now too.
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Hi Sara,  During the free time, many customers have chosen this time to upload movies,  videos, large files, etc.  This is slowing down the service as it is becoming more congested. There are so many variable that can cause your service speed to be slower. Below is just one.

If several people in your household are using your Exede service at once over a wireless network, each may experience slower speeds. This is especially true if at least one of the users is streaming video. When testing speed or verifying slowness, make sure no one else is using the service. If everyone else stops using the service and the speed returns to normal, it may not be an issue with your service but with your router or another device on the network. 

Please check out this article at your convenience for additional information and how to troubleshoot for slow speeds.