the run light is flashing red on my excede voice modem, what does that mean?

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I still have dial tone on the phone,but something must be amiss for the red run light to be flashing.
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Posted 3 years ago

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Hi David, it sounds like your ATA failed to the download configuration. Please try reconnecting your cables and rebooting your modem (leave unplug for 5 mins) and try again.  If you still need assistance please send us your account and contact info to   
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According to Exede customer service, the RED _flashing_ "Run" status light on the Voice modem is a "known issue and has been escalated". This does not appear to affect the Voice modem's ability to receive or make phone calls.

Unfortunately, the above information was not known to me as of 11:00PM EDT last night. I did a _hard reset_ of the Voice modem {use pin to press & hold button/switch in recess on Voice modem rear(between cable ports)}. I did this because several Un-plug... wait 5+ minutes... Re-plug, made no change to the flashing RED Run light.

I also tried a spare Voice modem that was sent to me in November, 2014 {due to problems with the initial Voice modem activation}. Never returned, because it was sent without any invoice or other documentation. Anyway... this "new" Voice modem exhibited exactly the same behavior as the original: on _both_ modems, both the phone #1 and phone #2 status LED's are now lit (orange), and the Run status light remains flashing RED.

Evidently, a hard reset kills the activation. And, after 2 1/2 years the Voice modem activation is as painful as I remember back in November, 2014. The "account number" required by the "Voice portal" is _not_ the same as your Exede account number. Fortunately, I had saved this hard-to-find special(?) number on a file card. When used, I got to the next activation step. This failed with a message of "device invalid" when MAC address of original Voice modem was entered.

It appears that these Voice modems require server side activation. Obviously a user has no way to do this with the ~wonky~ "Voice" Internet portal.

The Exede CS rep that replied to my email did not pay attention to my specific mention that I had _NO phone service_. Offering a phone number to call for support is not helpful, and removing reply-back (function) to original support ticket is additional annoyance.

I will send another support request via email. However, Voice modem activation through Exede website needs fixing and _Documentation/HELP_.

Walker (Virginia)