The only thing worse than this internet service . . . is the customer support! Holy cripes.

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I pay more than $160/mo to keep a decoration (the viasat dish) on top of my house. Because everything else pretty much sucks. I know other satellite internet options are out there -- they cannot possibly be worse than this. I am spreading the word as far and as wide as I can, starting today.

First off, the service itself fails miserably and daily. And making matters worse, they have the worst customer service I have ever encountered in any business. On top of all that, it is nearly impossible to get an escalation up to someone who might possibly be in a position to help ... the first responders will simply NOT allow you to talk to anyone else. They just hang up on you rather than escalate. Call again, get a different person, get the same result.

On one occasion, about a month ago, I actually got a 3rd level support engineer -- CRAZY, right?!?! We spent a good 2 hours troubleshooting. She told me there was actually a problem with my modem. She needed to monitor it for at least 72 hours and she would call me back with next steps (potentially to have my modem replaced). I reluctantly let her off the phone...trusting that finally, this time, someone would call me back. No dice. Never heard a word. Nada. When I called back, I got stuck in 1st level support hell again --- never again to get past that.

I assume something is wrong with my modem. I assume the engineer didn't lie to me. But I cannot get back to that level again, despite GREAT efforts (you have no friggin idea).

All I get is the same tired loop. I've heard the canned speech about "unfortunately there is high traffic -- try again at 3am" probably 2 dozen times. I'm sorry, but inability to handle your traffic/load is NOT THE CUSTOMER'S PROBLEM!!! That is viasat's problem. Imagine if my water company told me, "we're sorry you're unable to get water right now, but demand is really high". Or my power company or satellite cable or anyone else. Viasat is the only provider who doesn't seem to understand that this is THEIR issue.

I have been far too patient. Not sure what I can do other than make noise. But I intend to make a lot of it.

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  • completely screwed.

Posted 2 years ago

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Viasat does not seem to understand that congestion is their issue that needs to be resolved. I completely understand your frustration at $150 per month. They expect the consumer to stay home from work and get the fast speed. Unfortunately it doesn’t work like that for most people. Duh, during the day people work and at night we’re going to be on the Internet. Go figure, you think they would know that.
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i pay 160 as well and have slowness issues constantly